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    Does LFR need more incentive after running thru it once?

    Since you only have a chance to roll/win on items once a week, after you're finished with LFR once, is their a point? 4 drops per boss means most likely there will be something for your class that drops which will lock you into not getting anymore gear, and if not, something will definately drop in two runs. Reqeueing for LFR only gives you 80g and no more VP or even JP.

    Kind of a shame since its a really great idea and really fun, but having no reason to do it more then once a week is kinda crappy considering I'm sure they put alot of work into getting it to work. Thoughts?

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    No. It's got plenty of incentive, just not selfish ones.
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    its a raid and you normally only get one chance a week to loot from a boss and its been a while since you have even be able to raid the same instance more then once a week so....

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