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    Ultraxion FPS Issues

    Sorry if a thread has been created about this already; the search only brought up a few mentions of this issue.

    Basically, midway through the fight with Ultraxion, a handful of our raiders have experienced intense FPS hiccups (around 1 fps) for extended periods of time. This has been detrimental to the success of the raid, and we were unable to find the source to the lag.

    All of the people were on varying levels of machines and used a variety of addons (from none at all to completely custom UIs).

    I've been unable to find a definitive cause or solution to this issue and was wondering if there was any insight around here regarding it.


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    Update your addons and/or disable recount.

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    Turning off recount worked for me. I always lagged on Ragnaros during the molten seed explosion parts until I disabled it. Either that or blame the patch day.

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    Something similar happened with my raid, it helped to turn graphics down and stop running recount (perhaps the healing buff that heals the whole raid overloads recount?)

    Another problem was that the fading debuff would randomly appear in your buff area instead of your debuff area, making it very annoying to track or even notice that you have the debuff.
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    Yes the healing buff from green noticably is supposedly the reason until the addon is updated/fixed. So my advice is tell your guild turn it off for 1 encounter.
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    on ptr it was recount for me, just too many events for it to handle, that being said others still did run with it, but i noticed major improvements turning only recount off.

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    Recount was my first suspicion, and in all, makes the most sense... but some of our raiders claimed to have no issues while running it and others also seemed to not be running anything and still face the issues.

    I'll look more into it tomorrow among the raid, but thanks either way! Hopefully it can be resolved sooner rather than later.

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    I can only reiterate what's been mentioned - turn down graphics if possible and turn off recount (for some reason it causes troubles in this case where other damage meter mods don't). The huge amount of damage going out by the end and the huge amount of healing coming in are bound to cause problems... I don't remember it being as bad on the PTR, so maybe for some of your members you can just chalk it up to patch day server jitters.

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    you can also do the easy thing and /recount pause dont have to log out and turn it off and log back in (then again after the fight)

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    We had the same issues, and generally turning off Recount/Skada/other addons that parse healing outside of just meters helps. I'm guessing that mid-way through the fight, when you pick up the Green buff, the amount of different heals being multiplied 24 times everywhere from those two healers is causing these addons to struggle.

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    It is most definitely not Recount. There is just so much loose data going out it's ridiculous. Holy Priest with Green is a shortcut to instant freeze for your entire raid. I don't know how to go about fixing this but disabling anything relating to the combat log does not fix it for anyone that I've seen.

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    Nearly our entire 25 man raid was having the lag issue last night and turning off recount helped. It was still noticable, but we could at least heal/dps and ect.

    Oddly enough though, one or two who had recount said they didn't get the lag, and one or two got the lag without recount anyway.

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    I feel sorry for people with bad computers on this fight, heroic is gonna test your connections/hardware more than DPS

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    I had recount going, core i7 920 overclocked to 4ghz no hyperthreading, 16GB ram, gtx 580 and still get down to 2fps.

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    Yeah... I really doubt hardware or connection is an issue at all here, soulkeeperx.

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    I don't have Recount, and I didn't experience this issue in 10man. On 25man though I dropped to 5 FPS towards the end of the fight. I'll have to try turning down all my graphics next week but perhaps the issue is more intense with more healers in the same environment.

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    Same thing here, i was having the problem on PTR and i intantly blame it on not updated addons. But now on live, even with no addons and disabling everything on combat log the problem is still there. The thing is, my problem starts right on pull, not on middle fight (with green buff i.e.). I'm thinking that some kind of reflevtive graphic it's messing around. I'm open to sugestions.

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    I had no lag issues at all when I got assigned the red buff.

    A few tries later, I got assigned the green buff... lag-fest.

    I don't use Recount. I disabled Skada after the first 'green' try. Still a lag-fest. Then I disabled everything that wasn't needed for raiding. OneBag, OneBank, simpleminimap, AtlasLoot, BugSack, BugGrabber and stuff like that.

    Addons that I didn't disable: DBM, Grid, Clique, Satrina, Bartender, ShamanFriend, TotemTimers.

    No more lags when having the green buff thanks to this.

    But even with EVERYTHING (including Skada) enabled, I had absolutely no lags whatsoever before taking the green buff. All the duplicated Healing Rains and Chain Heals make something go haywire, it seems - unless you disable any addons that may cause trouble.

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    When the green crystal goes out, frame rate goes to shit in 25s. We had everyone crank particle density down to low (nothing to move out of this fight) and disable recount/skada. The issue seemed to clear up after that. With the buffs our healers were pushing 54K HPS, so recount is going crazy at that point.

    Issues were also seen during P2 on Warlord when we stack and Black Blood appears.

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    Turn off recount / Turn off scrolling combat text / Lower graphics setting.

    For a single encounter, it's a very low price to pay to get a fluent gameplay.

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