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    Disc needs help gearing, DS loot. 3/8 normal.

    Link to armoury here. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...Simmias/simple

    Spriests didn't want a chest that dropped earlier tonight, they likes t12 4 peice too much apparently. Other healers passed on it, so it fell to me. 4 peice healing bonus is sexy for either spec, but I mostly play disc.
    Should I be replacing t12 chest with Robes of the Glowing Stone and should I replace season10 pvp legs for the t12 ones to keep the 4p bonus? Gemming wise should I be putting all int in the sockets, even if im not having mana trouble at all. Reforging out of spirit into crit for chest, haste for legs?
    Oceanic spriest, thanks blizz for giving us aus servers. 7/9 mythic ToS

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    First off lose your PvP gear your missing out on a lot of main stats because of the resilience.

    Second the 4pc set bonus is quite nice it procs often and heals 5 people for a total of 50k can't remember if it can crit but 50k smart healing is nothing to scoff at.

    Third gems wise, match bonuses if it's plus int if not then you don't have to but sometimes it's worth it.

    Fourth stats, stat prio is up to you, how you play your raid setup and role all affect what stats are better and you should really go with your own preference.

    And lastly Spirit, again this is down to your play style and raid setup. I have personally given up on spirit being a Disc stat and at the moment I am sitting on 943 unbuffed with no procs or trinkets yet mana in 10 mans is more then enough and in the 25 man LFR I got short a few times but never ran out.

    I wouldn't recommend ditching all spirit at one time though you have to work your way down and relearn how to control your mana.

    In case your wondering with practically zero spirit I have a total of 53% to dedicate to the 3 main stats any way I like ( dependent on gear ofc ) so what I have at the moment is 10.8 haste / 21.1 crit / 20.6 mastery, remember though these stats are what I like and may not work for you.
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