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    Low activity time as Disc

    Hello there, My guild recently picked up a new disc priest for the dragon soul raid. We went 5/8 last night and it wasn't too big of an issue. The only thing I am worried about is our disc priests activity time was consistently between 50-60%. The hps she was putting out was fine for her gear, but the overall healing was alot lower than our other healers.

    This is a link to world of logs from last nights raid : www(dot)worldoflogs(dot)com/reports/3fq52lqjmb0ugvy8/ Sorry I can't post links yet.

    For some reason it bugged out and didnt put hagara or ultraxion kills on there. Any tips I could give her to help increase her activity time/overall healing done would be greatly appreciated.

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    Press buttons faster?

    Healing is "who can heal who first"
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    Two things jump out at me, but nothing that can't be fixed.

    Greater heal has high overheal, Disc Priest was focusing the tank, but looks like Druid has that covered for the most part.

    If the Disc Priest is Tank Healing (with the Druid in raid) she may want to pick up a tad more haste, or just Greater Heal when tank gets low and let Druid HoTs run while she helps out more on raid.

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    If nobody died, they were doing it right.
    Maybe you had too many healers and there was nothing to heal.

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    Most priests should have low activity time if they're doing it right. That is, being mana-conservative, I'd expect most priests to be around 85% activity when other healers push 100.

    50 is pretty low, probably just your heal team overall is overgeared and you've got a very mana conservative healer there. Wait until harder encounters to pass judgment.

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    Stop being useless and do some dps as filling.

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