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    Cheapest gfx card needed to run SWTOR on max settings?

    I enjoy playing games, I enjoy having nice graphics, but I don't enjoy spending big money. lol. I would like to upgrade my dual 240 GTS SLi cards with a single card that will allow me to play this game at its highest settings. Anyone have speculation as to what card that would be and about how much it would cost?

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    Well my guess is a 500 series that will probably run between $200-$350, but with the holiday maybe less. Or you can go with a 400 series run graphics on almost everything on high for $120-$150. Oh and these are Nvidia series cards, I dont do ATI.

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    What resolution do you run? And what is your processor?

    I am able to run with everything on high at 1400x900 with an i3 2120 and a ATI 6870HD.

    That card would run you around 150-170 before rebates.

    Its possible even a 6850 would work, but I'm not entirely sure on that. Not sure how TOR breaks up the workload between CPU and GPU.
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    Assuming you're running a 1080p resolution I'd suggest a Radeon HD 6870.

    Or wait until next weeks by which time AMD will (hopefully) have announced their next-gen GPUs (most of which are going to be re-brands anyway, but it might save you a few $).

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    1680x1050 is what my 20inch monitor recommends. I have Win7, E8400 overclocked to 3.4 ghz, 4 gig of ram, and the two gfx cards. I was looking at the 500 series, possibly the 550 or the 560 but they are close to my price range. Hard to convince the wife to let me spend $60 on a game and $300 on a card at Christmas time when that could be spent on our daughter.

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    I ran Max settings on beta with a 560 Ti with no problems, so I'm guessing a 560 would do about the same job

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    I do alright with a 200 series Nvidia card, cost 200$ i did notice at times my fps was a tad wierd but i found out that i was a driver behind on that and my Inet.

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    I was running max settings with my ATI Radeon 4850 HD so ..

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    The "max" settings from the beta were technically medium right? There were no high res textures released in this beta, right?

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    It's hard to know. Most people were experiencing stuttering due to the debug running in the background of the beta. There were also a lot of driver issues and poor engine optimization which could be fixed by release. I was running pretty OK on high settings using an HD 5850. I expect to be able to crank it up a bit upon release.

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    I think co-factors are the screen resolution you'll be running at, as well as amount and speed of ram as well as processor capabilities.

    But incase you're wondering, I play on a OC i5 at 4.5 ghz and an OC 580 GTX. ultra settings = 200+ frame rates on a 1080p 27-inch widescreen.

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    I've been playing on max (before last weekends watering down) and run max settings with an amd 1055t 6 core and radeon 5770, if that helps any.
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    GTX560ti should suffice. My suggestion is:
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    I run max settings on a Radeon 6850 with no FPs issues, cost around 120 bucks after rebates. Good time to buy.

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    i played on my evga gtx 460 and i had no problems with settings jacked all the way up this weekend.

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    i run with a 550 TI and i ran in the beta this past weekend and i didn't have any stutters i also run a 6 core amd 1055T and 4 gigs of ram of course i have a 20 meg connection at all times to so that might help to lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seekr View Post
    I enjoy playing games, I enjoy having nice graphics, but I don't enjoy spending big money. lol. I would like to upgrade my dual 240 GTS SLi cards with a single card that will allow me to play this game at its highest settings. Anyone have speculation as to what card that would be and about how much it would cost?
    you understand that even if you get the best GPU on the market, if you have a crappy cpu you wont be able to play the game in max settings right? the game is mostly cpu intensive much like wow is as well ... you could easily get bottlenecked by a shitty cpu and never see over medium settings.

    Will also depend on your resolution your wanting to play the game. My cousins pc has 2 5850s along with an AMD cpu (have to check his pc but i know it was not top of the line) playing the game in 1920x1080 everything was running smoothly in this last beta weekend, he was able to have i believe a few settings at High and select like maybe 2 settings on Low for him to play with no hitches. This is also not taking into consideration that AA hasnt been released and neither has their High Resolution textures.
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    I've got a fucking 4 year old GTX260 Sp216 and I play on max with 4xAA at 1680x1050. Sometimes the FPS drops bellow 30 though.

    Go a gen up. If you can find a GTX460 (or the AMD equivalent), that would probably be good for all resolutions up to 1920x1080. Of course assuming your processor is good enough to handle the frame buffer.

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    I've heard more people are having problems with Nvidia cards (myself) compared to ATI,
    Do some research on both cards if I were you..

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    Two options:

    1. Buy now, get a ATI Radeon HD 6850 or Nvidia GTX 460 TI
    2. Buy later this month, get a ATI Radeon HD 7850

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