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    If this is about last weekends beta? there was a known bug with voice overs from companions and NPCs in the overworld.

    The phases shouted or talked about in cities hasn't been so overwhelming in previous betas and will likely be corrected soon if not already.

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    My companion (sith warrior) barely spoke but my friends (assassin) companion wouldn't shut up the whole time he was logged on... but it does look like it has been patched for tomorrows beta.

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    I got Corso (smugglar companion). He it doesn't really talk alot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moriarty View Post
    I filed a bug report about hearing companion voices everywhere, including companions not even our own, and the reply was that it was a known bug. I don't know how much of the chatter it will cut down on once that particular bug is eliminated, but hopefully it won't be too annoying, or they'll take the suggestions and add in an option to mute the companion.
    Haha, that's good to know! I noticed that too, and assumed it was other people's comps that were making the noise...and then I noticed it once while I was somewhere where NOBODY else was even close to! So annoying! I never did put a ticket in though, but I'm glad someone did!

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    There was a patch today that reduced the amount the companions talk!
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