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    Shadow Priest raiding help.

    I'll be coming back to World of Warcraft for 4.3 and I'd like to do it in style, as a Shadow Priest of course. He's level 85 and has been for about a month now and I've actually never raided with him but he's 360 iLvL. Basically why I'm posting this is I would like for any of you do link me blogs/guides/videos/tutorials whatever is possible to be a good shadow priest. I want to study up as much as possible to make sure im doing it correctly i've seen a lot of spriest put out some great dps and I want to be one of those. ty

    TL;DR post me spriest blogs/guides/videos/tutorials or w.e else

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    How about taking a few minutes to check the STICKIES at the top of the forum you are...umm....posting at?

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