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    Is there a server list? (How can you coordinate with friends?)

    Is there a list of the names of servers that are going to be available on launch anywhere? I would like to play on the same server as some friends from WoW, but am not sure how we can coordinate that. If we could agree in advance that we will all roll on EU RP-PVE server with name X or whatever, then it would be great.

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    Well i think there is still time for you to make a guild and get deployed on the type of server of your chosing. The deployment is tomorow.

    EDIT: By type i mean Pve, Pvp, RP and RP-PvP
    It's coming in 1.2!!!

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    For guild deployment to work (where they actually place your guild on a server) you need to have 4 members with preorders on their accounts. If you are not in early access, which I'm assuming you are not or would have made a guild, then there will be a list of servers out at the latest by the 15th of December. Hope this was helpful :-)

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    Oh, is the deployment tomorrow? Christ, never gonna find a fourth for our guild now

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    There is no server name list.

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    The server list will probably be released the week of early release I would imagine. If you are not participating in the pre-launch program and want to play with friends you can coordinate it shortly before 12/15. Since the pre-launch time period ends tomorrow, it wouldnt surprise me if they had the actual server information ready a week before early access begins.

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    Be aware as well that guilds are not being placed on PVP-RP servers. You have to manually choose one of those, so if you are into that playstyle (I'd like an alt on one myself) you really have no advantage in deployment.
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