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    4.3 Holy talent build

    I have not yet looked at a new build for Holy. I was wondering if anyone has done this yet? If so please post your talent build for holy from the wow armory

    Thanks in advance

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    I'm required to have Inspiration... lol
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    I primary as Disc but my holy build is built for the Ultraxion fight which is why I don't have tome of light, I find that the CD on Sanctuary lines up perfectly with Ultraxions ummm damn forgot the name of the ability but the big one he does ever 45 seconds so a 40 second CD on that is alright by me since I disc everything else... maybe not spine of deathwing though... still to be decided...

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    There will never be a cookie cutter holy spec - just personal preference and things that (usually) make more sense than others.
    I'm really loving holy right now, I should probably change my sig....but that's where my link is.

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    Honestly different fights require different builds, but few people do this as it takes too long and too much gold. Personally I use this


    Surge of Light could be interchangable with Divine Touch depending on how much you use renew. I only use renew on tanks in the single target healing chakra. Its very dynamic.

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