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    Specing/Gearing- General Being Better

    Hello all once again. I have decided to re-enter the wonderful world of raiding after taking a long break from the game. The last time I was involved with the raiding scene Cata had just launched.. So I need some help being brought up to speed.

    Here's the spec I currently play (I'm holy): http://www.wowhead.com/talent#bchZfurrozrkfzoh

    So here's my concerns with my spec- Is Sanctuary still a huge mana grab and not worth taking for the little healing it does? Should I take the improved DH talent since it was just buffed and in the T13 bonus (I would be replacing it with my Blessed Resil. which looks pointless now).

    Now for the gearing...I look for gear with haste and I reforge haste although right now my mastery is 15% and my haste is 12%. I've been trying to keep them on par with each other but my question is, am I gimping myself by trying to play equals and has one clearly become the better choice than the other?

    For further reference and critique here is my armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...laine/advanced

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    Can you give a bit more information about your raiding environment? Are you running 10 or 25 man? What classes will you be healing along side? Heavenly Voice is a *must have* if you are healing holy. It is absolutely amazing and OP for the time being. I assume it will get a nerf at some point.

    This is the spec I am running with currently.

    There have been changes to Sanctuary and there are definitely places for it in DS, especially if you are raiding 25 man but also in 10. There are a lot of times when the entire raid is grouped up for a long enough period of time. Your reforging/stat priority will also depend on your playstyle and your raiding situation (10 vs 25 and healing comp). So I can't comment on that until you give us some more info.

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    I'll be raiding 10 mans for the time being but making the switch to 25s sometime next month hopefully. The other healers in the raid are: a holy pally, resto druid and me. When we switch to 25 were adding a resto shammy.
    Hope that gives a bit more insight. Also, is Blessed Resil. a no taker now?

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    Taking the points in blessed resil or not really depends on your playstyle. Some people take it and some don't, I haven't really seen a trend one way or the other. If you need the points elsewhere (i.e. using renew a lot, or needing shorter CD on fiend) then I wouldn't take it, but if you don't use renew a lot, or don't mind losing the 1 min CD reduction on fiend, then I would take it. There's situations for having points in all of those places, try them out and find what works best for you and your raid group.

    Our healing comp is a holy pally, resto druid and holy/disc priest, 10 man only. In FL I preferred a haste build, but I've since dropped some haste for more mastery in DS (~15 mastery and ~1700 haste via armory). Granted we've only done one week of DS, so I'll be changing things as we get more comfortable with the encounters (working on Madness tonight). We ended up 2 healing half of the encounters, our resto druid swaps to DPS, and that will definitely change as we move to heroic modes.

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