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    Haven't seen it posted,

    as far as meeting requirements, assuming you're using T13 H; Legs and Chest both have 2 red sockets, with 1 yellow and a +30 int bonus

    Meaning you're going to socket 2 yellows anyways so switching metas doesn't free up gem choice
    The healing set actually has three red sockets in the chest. Overall it has one blue socket in the gloves, one yellow in the legs, and everything else is red. So using the Burning Shadowspirit does prevent you from having to use an orange gem in a red socket like you would have to in order to activate the Ember Shadowspirit.

    You may have been looking at the shadow set, that does have a yellow socket in the chest.
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    Ha! i picked that new meta up because it was cheap, and i just wanted one until i got my 2or 3% max mana? but i think ill stick with the 3% increase to crit chance. it helps after loosing my tier 12 2 peace.

    edit: oh ya, im a gnome, so i already have a 5% increase to my mana pool : )
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    Keep seeing people mention 3% crit chance.

    It's crit effect not chance. You won't crit more often, you'll just crit for more.
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