We are 10 man guild on Alliance Frostmourne currently 6/8 HM

Needing 1 dedicated Mage and Resto Shammy with geared Elemental OS.

We raid Wed/Thur/Sun 7-11pm ST, we clear 6/8 HM usually on Wed night.

You need to be at least 5/8 HM ideally prefer 6/8 and ilvl 400+
Working Mic and one you use is Mandatory.

We will Not accept people who are 5 or 6/8 HM on main but not on an alt.
You need to be geared and experienced on the actual toon.

/who lunatics and pst Sensational (ingame name has ascii)

Guild Hoppers, non dedicated people need not apply.

If your not in it for the long haul and think your getting a free ride, we are not the guild for you!