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    [H] <B A Z I N G A> Frostmourne 25M Raiding Guild LFM

    <B A Z I N G A> is a 25M heroic raiding guild. Consisting of a solid core group of members, we are driven to succeed in consistent and skilled raiding. BAZINGA was formed during the launch of Cataclysm by a group of players with various experiences in World of Warcraft. Our raid leaders have raid leading experience from back in Vanilla.

    We're a group of players with similar attitude when it comes to raiding with progression and consistency in mind. Failure is but an obstacle which we will never settle for. BAZINGA has grown stronger each raiding tier and continues to grow with the commitment of our core members as well as new faces who have joined the family. We have been able to produce 3 x Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest from our own raiding efforts during tier 12.

    Freshly transferred form our first home on the Ner'zhul server, we come to Frostmourne seeking players with with same goals and attitude in raiding and playing the game. If you enjoy 25man raiding, posses a competitive attitude in gaming and looking for a group of people that have fun playing the game the way we do, why haven't you talked to us already?

    Raiding Progress:
    Tier 11 - 5/13HM (25m)
    Tier 12 - 6/7HM (25m)
    Tier 13(current tier) - 5/8HM

    Current Raid Days
    Server time(AEST-GMT+11):

    Thursday - 11pm - 2.00am(4am - 7am PST)

    Sunday - 11pm - 2.00am(4am - 7am PST)

    Monday - 11pm - 2.00am(4am -7am PST)

    Loot system:
    Custom EPGP

    BAZINGA is currently looking to fill up its core 25m group for tier 13 raiding.

    We are looking for:
    Enhancement Shaman
    Balance Druid

    If you fit these criteria or think you have what it takes to join our 25man raid group, drop an application at our guild homepage: http://bazingaguild.guildlaunch.com

    Our logs: Our logs: http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/147824/

    YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/bazingaguildvids

    Feel free to contact any of our officers for further information.

    Officers : Tineagle, Danial, Casedy, Annadoria, Füga
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    bring up my post, 8/8 update!

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    Looking for Healers!

    also looking for experienced(Good) Rogue.

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    BUMP 1/8HM
    LF Druid and Shaman healers

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    BUMP we're looking for Resto Druid, Resto Shaman, Prot Paladin/Blood DK/Feral Tank, Experienced Rogue.

    Exceptional DPS are welcome to apply.

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    BUMP we're looking for Warlock,Resto Druid, Resto Shaman, Prot Paladin/Blood DK/Feral Tank, Experienced Rogue.

    Exceptional players always welcome to apply regardless of class.

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    BUMP looking for warlock

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    BUMP LF Mage, Warlock and exceptional DPSers!

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    bump need warlock!

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    BUMP LF, Warlock, UH DK, Ench/Ele Shaman, Disc/Holy Priest, Balance Druid

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    Recruitment closed

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