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    SW D with 2pc T13

    I'm having trouble trying to get SimulationCraft analyze only over 25% health so I'm putting this question to the forum (and maybe someone else who is better with SimC?)

    With 2pc T13 will the damage from SWD increase enough to change our priority scheme when the target is above 25% health?
    Ie: Will we now want to use SWD over Mindflay?
    Perhaps even over MindBlastx0 orbs?


    -- Sorry if there is another thread on this somewhere, I searched but did not see one.

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    No, the damage won't even be close over 25%. It might be worth using over DP while moving, but that's about it.

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    hikamiro is correct, but it's a nice noticeable difference. I'm loving the two piece, can't wait for the 4.
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