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    [Holy] Stack haste or mastery for 10 man?

    I know this question comes up alot but I recently switched from 25 man to 10 man raiding and was wondering if I should stack haste or mastery for holy spec and why

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    Doesn't matter, depends how good you are at managing mana? Haste and Mastery are both good, hell I would say balance them out and you're golden.

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    What is your setup and what are you mostly doing? I assume raid healing?

    If you are ambitious you can alwys run double gear sets, or even reforge before each raid/fight.

    Quote Originally Posted by Verth Aeyta View Post
    Doesn't matter, depends how good you are at managing mana? Haste and Mastery are both good, hell I would say balance them out and you're golden.
    I normally only have mana issues as Disc if I am doing it wrong, or if the raid is doing it wrong, but Holy it is much easier to go all out and oom. I found myself wanting to go Holy for some fights in DS yesterday actually. As Disc I chain cast more, as Holy I stop cast and consider overhealing differently so not sure Haste makes you go oom faster, it just makes you able to dump faster.

    Agree on balancing tho. In ten mans you are rarely stuck on only one task, so it's normally not optimal to go hardcore for only one type of stat.
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    ill be mainly raid healing

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    Ultimately the answer is not so clear cut; it would depend on your raid composition, boss encounter, spell selection, and in the end is truly preferential as there isn't just one correct way to heal. If you are trying to push HMs next week I would suggest pushing haste and regen (I have always found extra regen when learning fights/doing progression to be beneficial in covering mistakes), but you should really do what you feel comfortable with. If you do 10m with a comp like Pal/RSham/you or Pal/Disc/you mastery might be a bit more effective than something with an rdruid, generally I find pushing haste til you are really strained for mana (while actively managing your regen CDs as well as you can hope for) then just backing off a tiny bit to work well.
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    In my 10 mans I found that I much prefer mastery over haste. Although I do keep my haste at 7.5% just to have a little bit. Like others have said though, you could probably go either way.

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    When I used to play holy I used to like to roughly go 1/3 haste 2/3 mastery very roughly, so GH about 2.1/2 sec cast back in T11 and start of FL. Given we'll have more stats to play you'll naturally get more of both. I'm personally a little mastery bias for holy but that's just me it suited me well and I often healed with a holy pala and resto sham.

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    Either is generally accepted. They're pretty much equal and a lot comes from your playstyle preferences.
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