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    so many people loved air walking. just wow

    the new levitate, is what levitate has always had to be but was never put in due to laziness.

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    I wonder if this was a troll thread? >.>

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    Personally I like it. It's what a REAL levitate should be.

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    This is the result of this change.

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    Thought it was a bug. Oh wells.

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    Give it to a druid in cat form=driving an invisible motorcycle.

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    I love the levitate change! It's one of the main reasons I got back into playing my priesty (and I'm loving every bit of it) I do hope they give it a little more up/down motion though when moving, kinda like how you move up and down a little when standing still, I feel very creepy when gliding about not moving much XD

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    I went to levitate in the pond behind Dwarven District AH.

    After about 5 seconds another priest came down and joined me, he then levitated his 3 party members. I got my friend to stop AFK'ing and join us.

    Best Levitate party ever!

    Also, it's being weird underwater again. No amount of levitate will make you glide underwater

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