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    Quote Originally Posted by thevix View Post
    Oh my gawd you didn't...

    That's it Aurelin, I'm leaving you. We're through!!
    Vixie my Season 3 looks sooo awesome in Glyph of Shadow - also if you haven't seen it yet it's still quite dark, we still have shadow sparkles trailing us - the dps dk in my guild still complained that it did nothing and he couldn't see the colour in my armor because I was in shadowform (except it was glyphed). I don't think its a betrayal of the shadows to use it - especcially now that we have xmogging to make us look super cool and iconic of our class
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    I tried the new appearance glyph for a few days, but went back to the original. It's the way we're supposed to be.

    If I want to look at my gear I'll just drop form. Beside, T2 shoulders look killer in shadow IMO.
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    In some fights my shadowfiend dies quite quickly. I noticed it too.

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    I also considered what zito said and I know this can be the case, however it still doesn't explain what happens to it in fights like Ultraxxion where the bloody thing despawns all the time for me...

    Besides - I honestly find the "non - aoe damage" thing as really dumb design. Ok so I need to be more careful when summoning my pet - that's fine because I summon it once every 5 minutes so whatever, annoying, but anyway(I could start a rant here about how other healers don't actually need to time any of their bloody mana regen CDs to anything besides the % of mana they have). But what about hunters? Because "random damage" that hits several players but is not counted as aoe keeps hitting pets and killing them they have to keep resummoning them?That is a pretty damn dumb mechanic if you ask me...

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