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    Disc priest, question about mastery (PVP)

    hey guys, so recently i have been gearing up my disc priest for pvp, so naturally i have been doing some research. I thought i had everything figured out pretty well, but then i ran into some confusion.

    here is what i know (feel free to correct me if you think im wrong)

    Ressilince is the best stat to have, hands down

    intilect is awesome, it increase your crit/mana/mana regan

    Haste is great, i have been told its ideal to run with a obut 12%

    Mastery, IMO is a great stat, you want to try and and get as much as you can.

    when i started to actually research on the forums, i learned that the generally consensus on mastery, is that it is bad.

    can someone explain to me why it is not an ideal stat to have, and about how much mastery do people run with? thank you

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    In PvP gear I run almost no haste or mastery. Once you've budgeted for resil and 4% hit you don't have much left. I tend to dump most of the remaining points in spirit. 12% haste in pvp gear either means super low regen or gimping your resil, neither of which is a good plan.

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    Dont go mastery at all, get hit cap and then go all to spirit

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    For most comps and general pvp'ing as disc.
    Int > resi > hit (4%) > spell pen (195) > spi > haste = mastery = crit (you won't have a lot of the last stats so they are very insignificant)

    If you run a rushdown comps in arena (double melee+disc):
    Resi > int > hit (4%) > spell pen (195) > haste > others.

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    I only do a little pvp here and there. Can I ask, why go for hit at all?

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    @Noshkeen .. Off the top of my head ..

    - mana burn
    - psychic scream
    - pressure when healing's okay

    Probably other reasons as well, but not thinking straight right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noshkeen View Post
    I only do a little pvp here and there. Can I ask, why go for hit at all?
    Becouse priests want their mana burns and shadow word: deaths to hit the target and not miss. Also other damage spells ofc + physic scream

    ...I'm slow ;< Didn't refresh thread after having it for 5 mins open in other tab <.<
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