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    its rising on a worldwide scale but in the western world its declining or evening out...

    Should people also get a choice whether or not their hard earned taxed money go on supporting the wars of irresponsible politicians...?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Boobie009 View Post
    Plus the government buys any reason, let it be chronical pain which is like impossible to prove you DON'T have, or you're mentally unstable.
    You realize you need medical documentation for those things in order to qualify for welfare assistance, right? They aren't that easy to get, let alone as simple as you are making it sound.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zlygork View Post
    Wait... you are seriously blaming her for wanting a better future for FIFTEEN children she must raise alone?
    She doesn't want a better future for her kids, she wants a better future for herself and she's using the children to piggyback her to a lifestyle of no work. No one has 15 kids because they love to have children when they can barely care for themselves. In her economic standing, she has 15 kids because it gives her checks in the mail to live off of without doing anything, and she gets sympathy relief from other good natured people.

    If she wants the best future she can get for her kids, she'd get them the hell away from herself, because she has nothing worthwhile to teach them to have a better life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vizzle View Post
    "Somebody needs to be held accountable"? What the hell? Some people are such a giant waste of space.
    You read in my mind sir, here +1 Internet.
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    I think after 33 pages this is starting to get pretty carried away.

    Please be reminded that you're required to post respectfully at all times on our forums.

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