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    ES and DE uptimes on Unsleeping encounter

    Hey there! I was just wondering what every other Spriest was doing on this fight. We only did one pull on this and we killed it, so I was unable to really play with the mechanics in practice, but I found I had a hard time keeping my ES and DE up on this fight; I also did severely lower DPS than I can do because of it. Are there any other shadow priests that have figured out a good way of keeping damage high and these buffs going? It seems just so sporadic with the need to chase down the purple adds, etc which don't allow me to refresh my DOTs while I'm nuking it.

    Just looking for some ideas to bounce around on how to do better.

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    Pretty much stand on the boss and nuke it patchwork style. When a slime spawns determine if you need to run all the way to the edge to DPS it or if you can just run a little bit and wait till it gets in range (this depends on your raid dps as a whole). Spam DP whilst running to the slime. Once you're DPSing the slime keep shifting towards the boss on every instant cast you get (double tap SW under 25% health should get you most of the way back).
    I do notice DE falling off during the dark phase as I'm spamming mindsear on the boss. No big deal since the DPS you gain from searing outweighs it anyway, I try and keep SW: P up on the boss in order to keep ES rolling though and interrupt searing with MB / flay to keep ES and SW: P up.

    So far this fight seems to be all about maximising your stand and nuke uptime by minimising anytime you're moving (or anytime you're doing nothing due to being out of range of the boss). Of course if you're required to be nuking the slime from the moment it spawns to meet the DPS check then your DPS is going to be less than optimal, but this is a raid DPS issue not a personal DPS issue. Maximum DPS will come from no moving at all with as high as possible uptime on double dotting the slime + boss and a dark slime unkilled each wave.
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    Actually, until Heroic, our raid actually has some pretty high DPS so we might not need me to switch until the add comes closer into range.

    The problem I was having was that I needed to run all the way out to the add the instant it spawned, which obviously puts me out of range for more than 15-20 seconds ergo, leading to my DoTs and ES and DE falling off.

    I did actually follow the movement-style priorities such as spamming DP, so it wasn't too bad in that respect.

    Great advice with the moving out; I might just try moving out since our rogue and mage get their quickly when the adds spawn, and I will just DPS from ranged when it enters my range. My spikes are not amazing compared to our rogue and mage's DPS, and my burst DPS probably doesn't make much of a difference that I'd need to run out all the way immediately.

    That might change with Heroics, however. We'll see this week when we get to it.

    Thanks for the advice.

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