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    By romantic love I mean Valentines day type love. The type of love that gets people married.

    For me I think romantic love is bullshit. I think its just something are brains trick us into feeling so we can validate are physical attraction to someone.

    But what is your opinion of romantic love? Do you believe in it or do you think its bullshit?
    I believe romantic love can stem from companionship.

    I also believe that it is way more rare than people think it is.

    Romantic love isn't a constant, it's something that surfaces during intimate moments: dinner, walks on a summer night, occasionally sex, all that shit.

    If it's going going all the time, it will burn out.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kangodo View Post
    Everything you experience is a trick of the brain.
    This opinion you have? It's not 'real', it's your brain making you believe it
    As a man of science, I can safely say that being able to explain the miraculous doesn't take away from it for me.

    It is simply the medium we require to exist.
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    No Sex Please, We're British.

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    ITT: jaded teenagers.

    I believe romantic love exists. Plenty of relationships prove so, even if you haven't seen it personally.
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    I believe in dopamine and serotonin, but that doesn't mean romance doesn't exist.

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    I believe in pure love, without having any good arguments.

    Aaaah love... Someone should write a poem or song about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jit View Post
    I think its just something are brains trick us into feeling so we can validate are physical attraction to someone.
    So by that logic, you don't believe in fear?

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    What a astonishingly well thought out definition of what romantic love is.

    "eeeerm herp derp you know kinda like valentines day love herp derp".

    That of course clears up everything and now we can have a totaly spot on discussion about this topic. It's not like everybody sees totaly different things when speaking about "love".

    On topic : i believe in what I think is romantic love. Did that help you much ?

    Didnt think so.
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    I've never been in it, so I don't know.

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