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    armory link doesnt work guess this thread is just about porn now

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    eloderung - us lightbringer

    hit it yesterday i think

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    Impresive indeed

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    Gratz, so many Russian ppl with 15k+ achieves

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    gz to him, one hell of a time investment

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    our retribution paladin is close to 15k, well sorta. he has 14845 achievements points atm.
    our fury on the other hand reached 14k not so long ago.

    both guys don't play alts, play since vanilla and invest all of their time into their mains.. so yes, reaching that much achievement points is very impressive, at least for me
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    Quote Originally Posted by bas View Post
    Gratz, so many Russian ppl with 15k+ achieves
    They're russian. nuff said

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    amazing lol. im still working on to get 10k on my DK

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    pretty amazing, took a lot of effort. Wish I had his/her mounts!
    Trying to reach 9K myself first pfff.

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    Wish my guild would ever want to go back do old content, i rerolled 2 months before cata, so missing most of the non-meta achievements from Ulduar and ToC .

    Getting that many achieves is a group effort, can't do it alone sadly, so if you got nobody to do them with you're screwed even if you got the motivation to do them. Still about to hit 11k though.

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    That's a lot of achievements.

    Anyone else read his name as Haxyman?

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    Quote Originally Posted by halmotors View Post
    That's a lot of achievements.

    Anyone else read his name as Haxyman?
    It should be read like Nahyjal.

    p.s. Omg i'm a keyboard turner. Nice to know

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    I wonder how obese they are? :P

    OT: Gratz, I only have like 10k split between 3-4 toons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alexeiblu View Post
    Bet ya he is pissed at his rated BG team...
    Indeed, otherwise he would be propably 1st to get maxed non-FoS.

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    Grats to him, I'm still ~100 points from breaking 13K

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