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    I could actually use a little help...I'm starting to get a little crazy because my guild goes and does some LFR 25 mans with a bunch of guildies in them and the other guild holy paladin always seems to edge me out slightly. I just don't get it. I've changed my gems/reforges/enchants a few times trying to figure out what I could possibly be doing wrong because everything I read tells me to go int>spirit>haste>mastery=crit, and yet the other paladin gems and reforges directly for mastery and not haste. His illuminated healing is what ends up edging me out on the healing meters. His gear is very slightly better than mine and his trinkets are better and I am just trying to figure out if it's something I'm doing wrong.

    There's a link to my armory if you click on my signature, I realize I don't have exalted with Therazane yet so I'm using a slightly subpar shoulder enchant, but where else can I improve? It's frustrating me enough that I'm starting to wonder if I should have just stuck with my resto druid as my healing main. Thanks. >.<
    The whole Mastery/Haste/Crit debate still rages on. Haste>Mastery/Crit is the consensus of old, but it has been called into question a lot recently. A difference between the stats could be responsible for edging you out slightly, but I'm skeptical of that.

    I'd have to see logs to be sure, but it may just be better Holy Radiance targeting, more Holy Radiance, better Light of Dawn targeting (and removing the glyph in LFR 25), more Light of Dawn, better Beacon of Light placement, or more Holy Shocks (for Infusion of Light).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Motoma View Post
    4 part is still a hilarious increase, it was either nerf the 4 part or nerf the ability itself.
    I'd rather they nerf the ability itself.

    Sigh, but then we'd be not as competitive against the other 4 specs which are also just spamming their AoE spells. God I hate spamming 2 spells.
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    I tried to heal some of the new 5 mans and failed miserably, it was emberassing. It didn't help that I haven't played the paly in a while anyway so I was rusty, but my old tricks I used to use were uselsss! I went back to the druid since its still ezmode.

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    I haven't had any problems adjusting. Judging is how it was last expansion for most me. Holy radiance is OP but the struggle is in progression as always, especially in 10 man the ability is much less overpowered, though still very strong of course. If you are talking about LFR, then yea holydin is easy-peasy and if you aren't winning meters, you aren't doing it right. However, doing content above your gear level still requires largely the same amount of practical spell usage, appropriate cooldown usage, situational awareness, overhealing caution, and mana-regen management. It goes with the catering to casuals, everything is easier nowadays, except the hard stuff.

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