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    how much can is sell a level 13 guild for?

    Title says all. 3 bank tabs level 13.

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    I'd guess at least 10k, maybe more.

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    I've never sold a guild before, have no experience in this matter, and you probably shouldn't take my advice... but I'd say add the cost of the bank tabs plus about 250g for each guild level.

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    Add up how much the bank tabs cost, (you can add 10-15% on if you want to give room for haggling) Take each level and multiply each one by 100. Add that up and then look at the amount of xp it will take to get to level 14 and give a reasonable discount if you just hit 13 if you're close to 14 multiply that by 50 and add it in.

    Throw it all together and add in cost if you're leaving "USEFUL" items or high-value items in the bank. Any special cheeves? add in for that.
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    I got an offer once for my level 18 guild, like 100k-120k gold... didn't sell it but it was a huge amount lol... it's named "Eight Days A Week" so probably hardcore Beetles fan. :P

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    I've purchased a level 24 guild for 30k and a level level 25 guild for 50k. 149 and 530 members respectively (lvl 25 guild was a bargain for that many members but the guy was quitting and wanting to sell his gold to a gold seller so wanted a quick sale)
    a level 13 guild would honestly depend on the amount of active members you have
    if it had the member cap with everyone active < month then I'd pay 100k for it, but if it's only got 1-15 I'd pay 3k for it
    if it had an active raid, dungeon and/or RBG team I'd probably pay 10k for it as it's a risk

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    Non-capped guilds will likely be bought by someone looking for a place to store junk on their alt. So the amount they will pay is directly related to how many tabs you have, and what may be in it.

    Capped guilds shoot up in price because you are now paying for the fact you can be the one person in a level 25 guild, with all the perks.
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