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    Bracers of Flowing Serenity are still missing the +20 bonus unlike all the other crafted wrists

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    Not liking the fishing and archaeology nerf I felt special having them maxed

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    [QUOTE=greyghost;14499767]Fishing and Archaeology leveling rates didn't need nerfing, what needed nerfing was the Guild Achievement for fishing.

    I've got characters in huge, level 25 guilds that normally have more than 50 people on at one given time, any time of day... and they just in the last two weeks got the fishing achievements to make the Fish Feasts.

    The guild I actually raid with isn't even close to getting it yet, even with 2-3 people devoting time towards leveling it when they can (an hour after raids, normally). There is minimal incentive to fish from pools, which is what the guild achievement demands. This is because the best food that people want (lavascale minestrone, sagefish tails or fortune cookies) don't involve catching fish from pools. The achievements could've been done in WotLK, maybe, but definitely not now. To work on this guild achievement in this expansion is a grind for just the sake of the achievement which runs counter to Blizzard's design intent. Screwing with the leveling rate won't fix it.

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    What my guild did with about 8 of us, over a few nights.... We went to borean Tundra, kill the animals to get the blood debuff, went into the water to wash it off, and then had people fish in the blood pool. We had 4 running blood and 4 fishing. Not sure if this still works but it took us only a few hours.

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    ...people felt special having *those* professions maxed? How can you have done so little in this game that *that* is something you consider special? My main did the work for fishing and archy. I do *not* need that kind of headache on my alts.

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    I don't recall reading about it, but it seems that tailors' Northern Cloth Scavenging works on Cataclysm mobs now.

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    aowch that ticket nerf hur theres atotal of wat 9 quests? 4 of witch seem to be 1 time only

    as a mount and pet collector this disapoints me as the fair is only avalioble for 7 days a month....

    180 per mount and 90 per id like to see the price comne dow and/or more attractions apear

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    Wanna talk fun who all remember leveling fishing to 300? :

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    Quote Originally Posted by greyghost View Post
    You can also argue that the gems are even allowed for Raiders who aren't able to do a full clear of Dragon Soul off the bat. This week, my guild only got 2 epic gems from 20(!!) geodes. That isn't even remotely CLOSE to what my guild needs in preparation for progression.
    2 from 20? Wow, you're lucky! On our raid night (4 bosses down, 10 man raid, so 40 geodes) we got 1. It was me though, so

    Back on topic, I'm quite looking forward to jumping on to give the DMF a go, but I have to say I'm not too bothered about the prizes, not really a collector - guess I can get the transmog gear or something though - I assume these aren't class specific? As a DK, not sure what I want to transmog to - only done my head piece so far, just because I had one in my bag at the time... Maybe the Acherus gear I guess? Meh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beigemore View Post
    I don't recall reading about it, but it seems that tailors' Northern Cloth Scavenging works on Cataclysm mobs now.
    That went in for 4.1 I think, if not earlier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beigemore View Post
    I don't recall reading about it, but it seems that tailors' Northern Cloth Scavenging works on Cataclysm mobs now.
    cata mobs drop extra frostweave?

    edit: i think it always been there... remeber from cata begining looting extra cloth from mobs in dungeons when only tailor there

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    Thumbs down

    Quote Originally Posted by Fir_ost View Post
    nerfed fishing and archeology :| kinda sad was nice to have something which needed a bit of dedication
    You mean not having anything better to do than fishing.. in a freaking game... and it takes for frekkin' ever to reach max level.

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    Engeneering kicked in the nuts again!

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    Yay for the fishing and archeology changes. Finally gonna do it on more than one alt.

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    Oh look gems and recipes for raiders only.

    All I can say is 11 days to go BAAAABY.

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    just talked to a gm he stated that jc only gems will receive an upgrade later in the 4.3 progression with another patch.

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    I can confirm that the spawnplaces for archeology seems to be changed. I barely had two spawnplaces in one zone before. Now I'm getting 2-3 in the same zone everytime!

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    Nice! Maybe I can finally farm that Tol'vir archeology mount now..

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    The fishing nerf is a good thing since it was such a huge and unnecessary grind. It also depresses me, however, since I had just finally made myself grind it out to cap (having never bothered after capping it the first time back in Wrath) barely a month ago. I never bothered with arch simply because it was an even worse grind than fishing, but with the changes I might pick it up.

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    Profession quests still give more than one ticket, and reputation gain is 250 DMF. 275 includes the 10% guild bonus already.

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    It seems they've also increased the spawn rate of Tol'Vir digsites. I just hit the proper skill to get them, but so far I've been getting one Tol'Vir digsite everytime I dig somewhere else. As soon as one pops up, I go straight there before doing a digsite that's not Tol'Vir.

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