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    Why are they killing animals?

    Oh I see .. ignorance. Bad owners make bad dogs. It has nothing to do with the breed. YAAAAY ignorance.
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    That's a real shame, I can understand their thinking, though.

    As an aside, could you maybe include more in your post than simply a URL and 4 words?

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    The article makes it seem like it's practically illegal to own a dog in NC and that all (big) dogs there are going to be killed whether you own them or not.

    The article linked in the article makes things a little more clear. It's basically just that the shelters don't want to care for certain "problem" breeds that apparently have a higher chance of being violent/whatever. That seems... more reasonable... but it still seems like a stupid unnecessary law.

    And ya, a mod really needs to move this to off-topic.

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    First comment I see:

    "An untrue rumor spread like wildfire yesterday regarding a breed ban in Cumberland County. TRUTH - the first steps to a breed ban WILL be discussed at a meeting on December 5th. That means certain breeds will no longer be allowed to be adopted at the shelter, they will be killed after their 72 hour hold. PLEASE ATTEND AND OPPOSE THIS POTENTIAL NEW LAW! I should add, Dr. Lauby, who supported MIMS shooting stray dogs, is also supporting this.
    This is slated to be discussed on Dec 5th, it is NOT a law yet...People need to call, email, & be at the meeting."

    I am not in support of any such law, but from the sound of it it's not a law yet.

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    german shepherds are one of the bestestest breeds of dog ever, we've kept multiple of them over the last 20 years, loyal, fun awesome best dogs ever

    (i live in the uk, german shepherds are our police dogs, so nowt would ever happen to them as a breed anyway, and yeah, the animal is what you make it in most cases = bad/no owner)

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