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    [A] <Subliminal> (1/8H - Dath'Remar) recruiting for Heroic DS!

    Hello, MMO-Champions!

    Subliminal, a new 10-man progression raiding guild on Alliance Dath'Remar-US, is now recruiting an exceptional ranged DPS, and either a healer with a strong DPS off-spec, or a DPS with a strong healing off-spec, to fill out our Heroic Dragon Soul roster. We are specifically after moonkin, mages, and/or shadow priests (especially a shadow/holy priest skilled at both roles); however, all qualified applicants will be considered.

    As we are beginning work on Heroic Dragon Soul encounters , we are primarily seeking players with previous Heroic experience and with a level of gear commensurate with progression (378+). We are happy to assist an undergeared but demonstrably skilled player in gearing up to meet these requirements if necessary.

    A little about us: Subliminal formed about 2 weeks before 4.3 was released, as a progression raiding home for former Nubcakes members after that guild disbanded. As a result, our core raiders have a history of success in Heroic content, including 9/13 H t11-25man and 6/7 H FL-25-man. We value experience, knowledge, and creativity in our raiders, and in return we provide calm, dedicated leadership and a friendly, relaxed, yet still hard-core environment.

    Our raiding schedule is as follows, listed in GMT+10/server time:

    • Wednesday 8:30-11:30pm
    • Thursday 8:30-11:30pm
    • Sunday 8:30-11:30pm
    • Monday 8:30-11:30pm (Optional - for guild activities or additional progression)

    We also host an alt raid on Friday nights, 7:30pm-11:30pm, which in the past has achieved 6/7H FL and 5/8 DS. This group is currently seeking a tank or a ranged DPS.

    For more information about Subliminal, please see our website (listed below) or contact me in-game. (The easiest way is to /who subliminal and whisper the person with the hardest-to-pronounce name )

    Good luck to all of you in Dragon Soul!

    Subliminal of Dath'Remar
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