View Poll Results: MULTIPLE CHOICE POLL: Choose the races you would love to become playable!

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  • Aqir +(mantid, nerubian, qiraji, silithid)

    85 11.90%
  • Arakkoa

    144 20.17%
  • Broken draenei +(lost ones)

    110 15.41%
  • Darkfallen blood elf

    93 13.03%
  • Dragonkin +(dragonspawn, drakonid)

    156 21.85%
  • Ethereal

    350 49.02%
  • Furbolg

    141 19.75%
  • Murloc

    144 20.17%
  • Naga

    217 30.39%
  • Ogre

    215 30.11%
  • Satyr

    112 15.69%
  • Vrykul +(subspecies)

    217 30.39%
  • Another subspecies of an already playable class [post it/them]

    54 7.56%
  • Other Azerothian races [post it/them]

    44 6.16%
  • Other alien races [post it/them]

    27 3.78%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    MULTIPLE CHOICE POLL: What races would you love to become playable? (version 2)

    So here we are again, with better poll options this time. If the title wasn't clear enough, I'll repeat it:


    Now, let's go!

    I voted aqir, arakkoa, broken, darkfallen, ethereal and naga, because:
    -Aqir: I would love a humanoid insect race, and they would be good as Alliance, because they hate trolls, or just neutral like the pandaren.
    -Arakkoa: an Emerald Dream bird race would be awesome, they could
    -Broken: they could enter the game as a subrace, sharing initial zones with the draenei, and they could be rogues.
    -Darkfallen: like the broken, they could enter the game as a subrace, sharing initial zones with the blood elves, and giving some political tension around, with their undeath and their fel magics.
    -Ethereal: didn't vote for them the last poll, but I think they could be pretty awesome if implemented as a neutral race together with a Tinker class.
    -Naga: I love reptiles and I always loved W3 naga, they were badass. They could be rebels and join the Alliance to defeat Azshara.

    That's all for me, looking forward new votes and re-votes of those who already took part on the previous version .

    Previous versions here:
    *Version 1:

    See also:
    *Coming soon...

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    Would go nicely with all the Pandas

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    That would be Ethereal for sure with my second vote going to Dragonspawn.

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    Why you no vote Murloc, MMO-champion?
    Quote Originally Posted by kbarh View Post
    may i suggest you check out wowwiki or any similar site, it's Grom that orders the murder of Cairne

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    Maybe because people doesn't like murlocs (I for one got to hate them, they're all over the place xD).

    PS: There's no limit as to how many options you can vote, but you guys know it would be pointless to vote for all the 15 of them .

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    Definatly Ethereal's. Would suit an arcane mage so well, not sure about other classes but meh, would be nice to see a paladin Ethereal xD

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    Ogres, Drakonid, Asaath, High Elves.

    Maybe Furbolgs, Dark Trolls, Forlarren.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Auto-Unstuck View Post
    Asaath, Forlarren.
    WTF are those? RPG races? O_O

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    Outland orcs of course.

    The game could certainly afford more sub-races without impacting balance. They don't even need to have different racials.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baracuda1337 View Post
    Why you no vote Murloc, MMO-champion?
    Because they're even more annoying than goblins, and that's quite a feat.

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    In future threads the option ethereal should just be left out imo

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    Definitely Ethereals for Alliance and Dragonkin for Horde.

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    I'd go with Vrykul. They could be used by either side really. They have that whole link with the humans that could draw them into the Alliance but their culture might be more suited to the Horde. They respect power over everything else and I think both sides proved themselves by beating down the Vrykul's former boss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McNeil View Post
    In future threads the option ethereal should just be left out imo
    It's good to have them, if it's only to show how big the difference is between them and the second position .

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    Etheral ofc. But isnt there like 2 of these threads every week? :c

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    Why I didn't vote for:
    • Aqir - No Aqir currently exist in game. While the lore isn't entirely clear, it's likely that the Aqir are the evolutionary link between the other insectoid/arachnid races.
      • Mantid - Not a whole lot is known about them at this time, but they are visually similar to Nerubians, which imparts all of the game play and mechanical difficulties that they have.
      • Nerubian - The vast majority of "Nerubians" in game are in fact Crypt Fiends; there's not much elaboration (or even distinction) given to the living representatives of the Nerubian race in Northrend. While interesting, the technical issues with making them a playable race preclude them from such. Not being able to ride on mounts and having to deal with gear modeling issues are a big deal. Further, the Nerubians are valuable to the game for their story: they are a dying race. They were at the top of their civilization in Northrend, and that was all taken from them; they are a bitter shadow of what they once were, with their ruins and scattered relics hinting to their previous supremacy. Make them a player race, and suddenly you have thousands of new Nerubians and you lose that edge their story has, as a race on the brink of extinction.
      • Qiraji - While mostly humanoid, thus circumventing the issues of the Mantid and Nerubian forms, the Qiraji entirely a constructed race created by C'thun to further its military goals. It's pretty unlikely that they would be loyal to anyone besides C'thun or the Old Gods in general.
      • Silithid - It's not really stated that Silithids have anything greater than bestial intelligence, especially among the non-queen members of a hive. It's even implied that there may be some sort of Hive Mind in place, which doesn't lend itself well to a good player story. In addition, being non-humanoid means they suffer similar technical issues.
    • Broken Draenei and Lost Ones - While not a good reason, they share too many similarities with the Draenei to warrant addition as a player race. However, a good reason for not adding them is what they represent. These derivative races represent the best and worse of the Draenei. There are some quests where the Draenei ask you to do some disrespectful, if not down right condescending things when dealing with their tainted brethren; this sort of latent hypocrisy for those exposed to demonic corruption is something the Draenei as a race and culture have to wrestle with deeply. At the same time, there are Broken that just want to be left to make their own path, they are making the best of their situation; harnessing a new relationship with the elements and building a new life. This strength of character and clarity is something that the Draenei claim and aspire to.
    • Darkfallen Elf - Probably the least populace of any of the Scourge undead, the exact means of their creation isn't known. With the Val'kyr being loyal to the Forsaken, and Forsaken being limited to humans in game, it seems unlikely that we'll see more of them. I suppose if one of the San'layn survived our assault on Icecrown, they could pass on their condition. Though if more were created in this way, they would probably form a faction loyal to the idea of rebuilding the Scourge, rather than join the Horde or Alliance.
    • Dragonkin (Dragonspawn or Drakonid) - Dragonspawn are unlikely because of their tauric shape, however Drakonid have some potential. Especially with the recent developments with the Dragonflights, I can see the chance for more mortal-level dragon stories in the future, which certainly gives the opportunity for Drakonid characters at some point. Still, I'll withhold my vote till I see what the future holds.
    • Furbolg - There are fairly few uncorrupted Furbolg tribes. While there's some potential with their relationship with the Nightelves and the Ancients, they just don't have enough distinction from other nature-favoring player races to really have making them playable add much.
    • Murloc - Murlocs are either a low level throw-away enemy or a race deeply entwined with future stories in the deep, dark places of the sea. As such, I imagine that they have a larger story that's yet to be told. Either way, there's no reason for them to join either the Horde or Alliance as it stands.
    • Naga - The Naga in game have either been loyal to Azshara, the Old Gods, or Neptulon (or some combination thereof), which doesn't really leave much room for allying with player factions in any permanent capacity. There are some glaring technical issues with their serpentine shape when it comes to gear and mounts.
    • Satyr - There have been a handful of Satyrs players get to interact with, even fewer are repentant. Being a Satyr is almost entirely a self-inflicted condition, and is the result of pursuing Demon magics. In order to join either faction, a Satyr would have to be willing to cleanse their taint, at which point they would become what they were before: an elf.
    • Vrykul (and subspecies) - The story of the Vrykul, with the dismantling of the Scourge and "destruction" of Yogg'saron is largely left hanging. It might get picked up at some point, or not. But until they have some post-Wrath of the Lich King era story, they're not strong enough or different enough to add.

    Why I voted for:
    • Arakkoa - We have a lot of good story information about their beliefs and cultural structure from the Burning Crusade (Terokkar and Blade's Edge specifically). There is a growing friendly faction of Arakkoa in the Lower City, which opens the door (especially now that we've dealt with Ikis and Terokk) for player possibilities.
    • Ethereal - With their addition to capital cities in prominent vender and service related positions, it seems like they're being made a more visible part of the game. While similar to Goblins in personality, they're a bit colder, and interesting visually. They'd be a great addition.
    • Ogre - Ogres have been a part of the Horde for a long time, it'd be nice to see them be a playable race. Not having any female models in game is a potential issue, but should be fairly easy to fix.

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    I voted for several, and honestly there's a bunch there I wouldn't mind trying out. Being a Naga in Vash'jir was fun. I <3 etherals. Furbolgs, Arakkoa, broken... I'd try them all I think.

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    Ethereals all the way!

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    Arakkoa, Ethereal, Murloc, Naga, Satyr, Ogre

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