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    Ultraxion crystals

    I just wanna ask about about his fight and crystals that buffs healers. What crystal is best for holy paladin? We will be 3 healing all fights until we run into DPS checks on heroic modes due to having 3 core healers within our 10 man team. Which cryslal is best for Holy paladin, Resto Shaman, Druid and Holy priest?

    We did it once and was too easy with 3 healers, just wanna ask in advance for hc mode.

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    Blue + Holy radiance spam = Win

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    While I can't make a good judgement on the crystals, I can suggest that the priest going Shadow for HM Ultraxion would end up being the most effective swap due to how Hour of Twilight works. I'd assume with that setup you'd be looking at Shaman - Red, Druid - Green, Paladin - Blue? Holy Radiance is absolutely broken with that blue buff, so there's no reason for you to pass it up.

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    The way I decided to do it was Red for Druid, Green for Shaman, and Blue for myself (Holy Paladin). My thoughts behind it when I first heard of the buffs were - druid AoE healing is insane, adding 100% to that = yes please. The DIRECT HEAL (important) portion of the green works very well with abilities such as Chain Heal which is basically what our shaman spams. Blue is haste/mana cost reduction which just sounded flat out sexy for a Holy Paladin, hello Holy Radiance spam.

    As far as priest goes I couldn't quite tell ya. They benefit from all of them nicely to be quite honest, but I guess Green for the HoT would be really good for holy with their CoH/PoH. Blue could also work very well with PoH spam on both groups. /shrug, not sure.
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    Blue or green for Holy Pally. Not red. Also, I recommend 2-healing the boss to meet the DPS requirement on the enrage.
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    Started out trying with the resto shaman with the red one, bad idea. After two or three wipes we went with resto druid on red, resto shaman on blue and holy priest on blue

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    Depends on your healing setup.

    My guild did it this week with me (holy pally) and our resto druid. He took red, I got green when it came out, and it worked pretty well. We had him taking blue, but we'll probably swap me to that one next week for the HR spam.

    Based on my experience with the fight, I would give this priority depending on what you have available.

    Red - Druid > Holy Priest > Paladin > Shaman > Disc
    Hots will overheal less than direct heals from a pally/h-priest/shaman, shaman get larger heals at low health anyway, so this buff isn't going to help them as much as another class. Disc priests get shafted here because of the shield issue.

    Green - Shaman >= Paladin > Druid > Disc Priest = Holy Priest
    Big direct heals benefit the most from this buff, but again, it doesn't affect disc shields. I seem to recal someone saying that healing rain actually triggers this effect, which would make it perfect for shaman, but I can't confirm this. Either way, their mastery is going to cause some huge splash heals late in the fight.

    Blue - Paladin > Druid > Disc Priest > Holy Priest = Shaman
    Paladins have HR spam which will be the best throughput here above a druids WG, disc has PoH which will be very strong with Aegis, h-priests and shaman suffer from cooldowns on their big AoE spells (CoH and healing rain), so they get less from this buff.

    For your raid, I'd suggest running Druid, Paladin, Shaman for heroic. Have the druid take red, shaman green and you take blue as the holy pally. Having the druid swap with the shaman could be doable, but a shaman's mastery is going to cause green to scale ridiculously late in fight.

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    This week, I was doubing whether to get red or blue. Got red in the end, and it worked out pretty well. Our other holy paladin got the green buff this time, which seemed a bit meh. Heard many good reports on the blue buff though, so I'll try that out next week.

    Edit: as far as overhealing goes with the red buff, obviously uou'll be using HR/LoD mainly, which won't overheal easily.
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    It's pretty easy to beat the enrage while 3 healing. We did it on alts (around 378 ilevel or so on average) with 3 healers and with 1 death (due to tank swap error) this week.

    Put druids on the green buff. Druids actually do not have "insane" AoE healing for this fight. In fact, they actually have the worst AoE healing of any of the 5 healing specs in a pure stack situation like this. Their AoE healing strength is being able to be mobile and spread without losing output; in stack situations, they are pretty mediocre for this fight and probably will be benched for heroic.

    With HR the way it is, you want paladins on blue. The time frame after the blue buff goes out to the end of the fight is where the fight is won or lost. Paladins just flat out can do more AOE output with the blue buff than anyone else, so your best chance at success is putting them on it.

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    We used 2 healers and the boss was dead on normal within 4 minutes, which actually made it a huge amount easier. We will probably do the same thing.

    From a Holy Paladin PoV

    Red: Pretty good for us, increasing all heals by 100% is nice right? XD
    Green: Crap for us, I would totally advise any Holy Paladin from getting it. It doesn't work with our Mastery and any heal under 1500 does not work on this fight, which can mean some HR Ticks.
    Blue: Easily our best one.

    What we did was I took Red first, then our Resto Shammy took Green then as soon as blue came out I 'dropped' Red to get blue instead. It works very well.

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