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    Forsaken background question for a story

    If someone was killed in Northrend, could they eventually in some way become one of the forsaken who follows Sylvannas? Or are they just those who were around when Sylvannas rebelled against Arthas, and those risen by the Valkyr?

    I want to make sure I have my lore right before venturing forth with my story.

    Thanks in advance.

    ps~ I hope it's okay to post this question in this forum. It's not RP, but it is information I'm seeking for a character in a fanfic I'm formulating.
    It's amazing how many people get 'affect' and 'effect' mixed up.

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    There's no real reason they couldn't be. If they were killed, raised into the Lich King's army and survived with their consciousness in tact, they could join with Sylvannas (much like the Valk'yr).

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    Pretty sure what you're asking is compltely acceptable for this forum

    And as Jim said, there isn't any reason against it. You'd have to make it make sense, but there isn't any reason why not.

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