Name: Ætherius. (Draenei: Atheruu), (Blood Elf: Atheridin)

Age:.27 years old

Race: Nether Dragon

Gender: Male

Languages: Draconic, Thalassian, Draenei, Orcish, Giant, Darnassian, Common

Class: Nether Dragon (Magic Schools: Arcane, Nature, Shadow)

Faction: None

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Likes: Mortals, Games, Manipulation, his “Toys”, Lost Lore, The Dragonflights, Swimming, Magic

Dislikes: Slight dislike for orcs, Those who take themselves too seriously, Anything around him when he is falling into one of his bi-polar fits.


Ætherius is a rather hectic individual. Feline would be the best way one might consider him. He is playful in both the best and worst possible ways. He treats mortal races much like one would treat toys, and other dragons like an ornery cat might with a larger creature. He holds no ill will to any race of creature, treating most on an individual basis, though he holds a certain caution with orcs for obvious reasons. He will manipulate others as he sees fit for his own personal gain. Ætherius will joke one moment with others before throwing a tantrum the next, sometimes at the drop of a coin. He can be rather bi-polar at times, and smashes his toys like a child.

Oddly enough he feels completely and utterly neutral to the problems that go on in the worlds, able to enjoy the company of those who follow the light, to those who are a part of the Burning Legion, though this mentality has more than often caused the departure of potential friends, much to his chagrin. Still, if he was not betrayed(A concept he is a bit hypocritical about), he will normally just shrug it off to move on to his next project.


Ætherius is a rather large, nether dragon. Much of his body seems to be covered with iridescent scales that seem to shift and shimmer in shade depending on his mood. They faint, shimmering greenish hue for when he is playful, and a muted blue when he is when bored, and a very rich, dark purple when angered. Many shards of crystal seem to be jutting through his scales along his limbs, spine and also acting as crude horns upon his head. Lining the bones of his wings seem to be small, thin slivers of this same crystal while. He always seems to have a translucent quality, casting no shadows whatsoever as he roams the Outlands and Azeroth, and on some occasions, he seemed to almost fade out of existence. His eyes are a blazing iridescence, never lingering on one color for very long. If in combat, or invoking his natural or magical abilities, he tends to have shadows of himself mimicking his actions that fade just as quickly as they spawned.

He humanoid form’s, though these forms are flawed in some way, shape or form.

Atheruu, the Draenei Mage, is of average size and build for his breed, with a dark violet skin color and long white hair pulled into a loose ponytail. He has crystal horns upon his forehead with several along his hands, a fact he normally doesn’t bother to hide much, instead claiming it has been from studying arcane lore for too long in the Outlands. He tends to choose a long, deep red kilt with black trim, with several satchels at his hips. He tends to be bare-chested in this form, revealing the faintly glowing tattooing along his torso and face, that tend to shift in both color and shape with his mood. He normally carries with him a sword made of a crystal that seems to sing with his sorcery, and a tome that is bound shut.

Atheridin, the Blood Elf battle mage, is a blood elf with a deeply tanned skin, and long, dusky red. His eyes betray his heritage, along with a crystal seeming to be set in his forehead like a third eye. He dressed in light weight armor made of black crystal and finery that appears to be made from high quality dark blue cloth. Several tiny shards of crystal seem to hover around him, circling him from time to time. He carries with him a very similar crystal sword and tome as his draenei form


Breath Weapon: Ætherius is able to call for a breath weapon that is just as mercurial as he is. He can call forth both a focused beam or orbs of extremely volatile iridescent energy at others, fueled by arcane, nature and shadow.

The Beam: This is a stream of white energy that seems to be surrounded by flowing black energy and crackling with electricity. It seems to leave behind an ethereal haze when it comes in contact with inorganic substances, creating warped imagery of what is within the haze. It will break inorganic material down into its most basic forms if focused upon.

The Orbs: This is a large orb of iridescent energy that sails through the air towards a target or location. Once it strikes either a creature, it explodes into a powerful burst of arcane, nature and shadow energy, damaging the those within the area of effect, and teleporting them into a random direction and distance between 1 to 50 feet from where they were. If it strikes a surface, it will shatter into multiple, smaller orbs that simply teleport others up to ten feet from where they originally were but cause no damage.

Sorcery: As a creature of chaos, Ætherius has become surprisingly well versed in the arts of the arcane and shadow, and has even been able to draw upon nature magic. While he can wield each with surprising skill, it tends to be more of a whimsical approach to magic rather than a studious, and based on his whims which cause his results to vary.

Nether Dragon: Being a Nether Dragon, he is able to partially phase out of existence, moving through objects with ease. He can also teleport himself short distances or open portals as he sees fit. Also, do to his size, he is rather strong, and holds a broad range of attacks that go along with his size. Do to his ethereal nature he is a very skilled flyer, and enjoys taunting others by flying through obstacles or the opposition themselves.

Social: He is an extremely social creature, he enjoys the company of others, taking whatever form he sees suitable, with being a Draenei for the Alliance, and Blood Elf for the Horde, and keeping his nether dragon form with various creatures of outlands. He has a certain fondness for much of the creatures of Outlands, including the Burning Legion, yet he is a bit cautious around Orcs. On Azeroth, he finds himself drawn greatly to other dragons. He is willing to befriend just about anyone, though this also subjects those he is fond of to his strange whims.


Nether Dragon: While he takes a fully ethereal state, he becomes more susceptible to magic, especially arcane, nature and holy. These will disrupt him and either forcibly teleport him away and/or cause greater damage to him, causing him to lose concentration and act either more brashly or flee, depending on the strength of the magic.

Mercurial: As social and friendly as he is, he suffers extreme mood swings, and can end up changing his plan of actions at a moment’s notice. He is also an admitted hypocrite, and despises those who betray him greatly. This has caused some who know about him to become very wary of any requests made or favors offered by the strange beast.

Unstable: Ætherius is a creature of unstable forces, and this sometimes can cause great problems. Many times he tends to be in pain from energies that run rampant inside of him, and other times he uncontrollably releases them into the area around him, causing random warping effects to the environment. This also can cause him distraction in close combat, causing him to prefer hit and run tactics and sorcery as opposed to fighting tooth and claw.


The life of a Nether dragon is never a completely pleasant one, an Ætherius’s own was no exception. He was born the roiling chaos of Outlands and managed to initially escape captivity by hiding within the Netherstorm. The constant bombardment of warping energies allowed him grow swiftly and his mind to develop rapidly. From whelp to drake, his curiosity grew swiftly causing him to explore the Netherstorm, and eventually Blade’s Edge Mountain, Nagrand and Zangarmarsh.

Keeping a careful distance from the Gron, he eventually began to befriend several smaller groups of ogre’s, assisting them in their battles from time to time in return for what they knew of the lands they lived in. The Broken were even helped so he could simply learn about their lore and magic, as well as the orcs that survived within Nagrand. Everything in his life seemed ideal, very little in the way of predators, and many ‘toys’ he could play with as he grew. In that time he began to try to learn more about his own nature, finding ways to hone his ethereal nature and drew upon whatever magic he could get his talons upon. He loved every moment of his life.

That was, until Illidan and the Dragonmaw came crashing down upon his species.

They had begun taking the eggs of his kind, enslaving his breed and forcing them to reproduce to serve as beasts of burden and war. Ætherius was able to escape them on multiple occasions, though they hounded him relentlessly, out of both pride and want of his guile. Occasionally, he would try to steal eggs away from them, though each time left him heavily wounded and barely escaping with his life and one egg at most. He hid what he could from them though his luck eventually ran out when they were finally able to drive him down in Shadowmoon Valley and bind him in chains.

He was tortured and experimented upon, and eventually becoming the mount for a crazed ranking warlock who enjoyed the constant, hateful bickering, along with the dragon’s cunning nature. It wasn’t until adventures from Azeroth that he was able to free his captors, delivering his master to the feet of the Burning Legion out of sheer spite before flying away.

After the fall of Illidan and his freedom, Ætherius began to explore the world outside of Outlands, finally making his way into Azeroth. He spent much time in his humanoid forms, interacting with both the Horde and Alliance, occasionally pitting them against one another with ease and glee, almost blissfully ignorant to the undead of Northrend. Once he heard of the gathering of dragons, he observed Wyrmrest from afar, spying upon these creatures that were so similar to him, yet so different all the same. Even when he was seen he would flicker away or flee, not taking the chance just yet to reveal himself to his kind.

It wasn’t until the sundering that he finally became very active. While he didn’t feel like the affairs of Azeroth mattered much to him, he did find the place to be a wonderful playground for him to indulge in, and has sided himself, at least partially with its current defenders. While he finally introduced himself to the rest of his kind, he still remained aloof in his own way, retaining his mischievous streak in the dire times that passed. What harm would it be anyways if he got involved? Ætherius always had the Outlands to flee to.