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    Seal of the seven signs and Vampiric Embrace

    Does this trinket proc as shadow with healings from Vampiric Embrace?


    +2904 haste!!!

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    "I can confirm from live that this does not proc from Vampiric Embrace. Admittedly, I spent a lot of time in the new raids de-formed and healing. So I would probably get a fair amount of benefit from it. But the healers in our raid nearly had an anuerism when the raid leader let me go test it out, so... Espoire 6 days ago" -wowhead comment

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    No. VE doesn't procc any Healing trinkets etc.

    Just get http://www.wowhead.com/item=77203 from Yor'sahj though, it's exactly the same, just proccs off of damage instead of Healing.

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    I thought anything that they had solved the problem of trinkets, weapons etc. that had a proc from heals proccing off VE ticks a long time ago?

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    Highly doubtful - VE doesnt count as a heal for trinkets/weps etc since the Val'anyr fiasco.

    Why would it matter though - there's a dps version.

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