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    The term "G.. D...." from the Daily Blink cartoon is taken seriously by some people. Might want to proofread these images before you post them on the main page for everyone to see before someone raises a stink about it. Not very intelligent.

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    Glad to hear that Blizzard has issued suspensions over the LFR exploit. I think it ought to have been a minimum of 8 days to 12 days max, though, because otherwise it feels rather lenient. Still, a punishment is a punishment. And sorry, but I'm one of those people who won't take the "everyone else was doing it" excuse.
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    rofl how stupid can the mmoc moderators be? the daily blink is obviously making fun of how fast the leveling is in wow atm, it's not saying the spell malfunctions.

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    Hapilly daily blink still do great job

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    lol mr smiley face is smilin

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