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    Question To all priests out there.

    Hello there i am playing this priest for like 1.5 year or something like that, anyway cata bring a lot of bad things to spriest (pvp side) and i am rly sad cuz of the state in pvp with priest.
    Duels - dont have chance vs warrior who have all cds, dont have chance vs skilled dk, dont have chance vs skilled warlock, etc..
    I know that spriest was imba op in wotlk but i dont want to be like that, my point is that now we are just training dummies in arena when we are facing team with melee.
    Also i recently started with pve (about 2 month ago) and i am bored with my priest again cuz of pve is not something that keeps me up.
    The only thing that keeps me on my priest is achievments points (almost 7k) i know that is not too much but still.. Any advice how to get out of booring situation? Or should i just go and reroll something else?

    P.S sorry about bad English.
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    I don't really know how it is in serious PvP since I only PvE and when I do PvP for lols I get smashed.
    Maybe you should try a better spec for PvP then? Disc might be really fun to play in PvP.
    But if you don't feel like its fun playing on your priest you shouldn't, Just go out there and test other classes, as there is 27 other specs out there 1 must fit you right!

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