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    I would not be happy with any law to limit how many kids I have. I doubt it would happen to the US any time soon, we are not overpopulated and a lot of our natural resources are untouched and environments are way healthier in comparison to a lot of places in the world.

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    If you take to the democratic communist I work would be a wonderful idea!

    Me....not so much. If you can afford them by all means. If you can not. You shouldnt receive any assistance because you can not take your birth control correctly. (im only saying this because when i worked in the healthcare field there were women spitting out babies just for the extra assistance, because im MA we dont have caps on anything- FREE FOR EVERYONE )

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    Quote Originally Posted by UncleSilas View Post
    We're quickly running out of helium on Earth. And do you even know how long that would take to create enough helium to sustain world demand?

    And helium is vital to western medicine. It's used to cool MRI machines, among others, so without it you can say goodbye to one of the most useful scans there are.
    As the gas becomes more scarce, its price will rise. Countries like the US will smarten up and stop selling it below-value. Frivolous use (balloons) will decline. Helium will be used more efficiently, and infrastructure to recycle it will become more commonplace. More effort will be made to seek it out and extract it from natural gas (at present most is lost).

    That can't last us forever, but eventually projects like nuclear fusion, pulling helium out of the atmosphere, and gathering it from extraterrestrial bodies will become increasingly viable.

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    government would have to legalize abortion to stop the law breakers lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brettshock View Post
    Doesn't China do something along these lines, and it causes horrible moral issues towards any extra children that are born?
    Yes, they have a limit of one child as far as I know.
    "Only Jack can zip up."
    The word you want to use is "have" not "of".
    You may have alot of stuff in your country, but we got Lolland.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fordpinto View Post
    The government has no damn business telling people (outside of special, abusive circumstances) how many children they can have. Period. The preacher at my church has seven kids and supports them quite well. Who are you to tell him (or anyone) how many kids they should be having?
    I agree with you up to a point.

    The government has no business doing a lot of things, but it does them anyway. They force me to give them some of my money every time I get paid. They won't let me be comfortable in the summer (no pants). They tell me when I can shoot a deer and when I can't.

    My point is that there are rules. I don't agree with all of them, but they're there for a reason (usually).

    If you want the government to have no hand in how many children you have, I'm fine with that. But then you better not ask for any government money to help you support those kids. And before you say, "I won't", there are MANY MANY MANY people who will.

    I'd rather the government put a limit on the number of children you can have than continue paying irresponsible people's welfare checks.

    Of course, the Democrats will never support dismantling the welfare system, just as Republicans would never support child limits.

    So in the end, you have nothing to worry about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
    Developed countries have chronically low birth rates, generally below replacement (ie, less than 2 children per couple). There's no need to impose birth rate restrictions, if you're concerned about overpopulation in developed countries you should restrict immigration. Apart from the population growth caused by the immigration itself, people from developing countries bring with them their much larger birth rates.
    Unfortunately, a certain segment of the political body wants to loosen regulations on immigration.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arcadem View Post
    They can't because it's one of the human rights to be able to do with your body what ever you want, and no one else except for you can decide that. By the time they decide to remove the human rights we'll be dead within a few years anyways.
    That's not entirely true. Cocaine is illegal. Prostitution is illegal. Suicide is illegal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wells View Post
    Yeah.....the answer to poor people isn't soft eugenics.
    Perhaps not, but it might be the answer to the stupidity of the average American.

    For years, my answer to a lot of things has been...PEOPLE ARE STUPID.

    Why do guys kick each other in the groin on youtube? PEOPLE ARE STUPID.
    Why do people eat disgusting things on reality shows? PEOPLE ARE STUPID.
    Why did OJ not get convicted? PEOPLE ARE STUPID.
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    If you want the government to have no hand in how many children you have, I'm fine with that. But then you better not ask for any government money to help you support those kids. And before you say, "I won't", there are MANY MANY MANY people who will.
    The problem is many people already are. For this reason alone one could agree on governmental interference on child birth per household.
    But what if this would happen? What if they tell us you can only have 2 children. What will follow? You're born a free man, I expect to live my life as one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by undercovergnome View Post
    So if its capped at 3, and a family has four what happens? forced abortion? child killed at birth - its not a good policy
    yet needed in a overpopulated world

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