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    new build complete hdd/ssd help

    okay so I've checked in bios and such and the ssd/hdd are both recognized. however my C;/ folder is my ssd which is what I want, but I don't see any folders or anything for the hdd. how can I get my hdd to show up in windows, as I don't want my ssd crammed with everything?

    the ssd is set to default. (this is windows 7 and such)

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    Your HDD may be set to "offline". Hit your Start button, type in "computer management". Hit enter. You now have the Computer Management window open. In the left panel, click Storage, then Disk Management. Wait a few moments for it to load. In the bottom centre panel you should see a list of your drives, named Disk 0, Disk 1 etc...
    If one of those says "offline" in the info and has a little red arrow pointing down, right click it and select "online". Wait a few moments and everything should usable.

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