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    How is DREAM Paragon on 5/8 when they have been banned? Or did Blizzard lift their Ban for their Lame Ass Apology?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thranng View Post
    How is DREAM Paragon on 5/8 when they have been banned? Or did Blizzard lift their Ban for their Lame Ass Apology?
    They are doing 10man, but i quess it is too hard to read right ?

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    It sucks that they nerfed the rep for killing boss adds and what not in Temple of Ahn'Qiraj. No one does the bloody place to begin with, so why not leave it as is. haha. I'm trying to hit exalted so it's lame that they took that out. The faster I'm outta that place the better, but what can you do. It is what it is.

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    I'm really not happy with the nerfing of tickets from the darkmoon dailies.Personally, I collect pets and mounts and I was looking forward to getting more. Additionally, I had planned to suspend my account after I got them until Mists of Pandaria came out. Unfortunatel Blizzard has nerfed these quests to string us along and artificially cause us to deal with the darkmoon faire longer. Instead of giving us more quests, more dailies, or more content to hold our interest they've decided to make the content we've got last longer and be more drawn-out.Shame on you blizzard. At least the Argent Tournament had levels, and branches of quests, and rep to g as well as an instance.

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    I just wish that more people were pushing 25m raiding instead of just Blood Legion and Vodka. It sucks that they made everything so much easier for 10man so far.

    On normal mode at least I found lootship easier on 25m, so maybe the last bosses will be that way. I hope so anyway. 10m world firsts are just disappointing to me...they feel less epic somehow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by melodramocracy View Post
    Lets look at the Tour de France, a team-focused race where doping, and thusly getting busted for it, is probably more frequent than any other pro sport ...

    If a favorite or leader is caught doping while the race is going on, and removed from competition, it doesn't soil the victory for the person who winds up winning. If you cheat, and get caught, you simply are no longer "competition".

    You'll just have to accept the fact that for this tier, the guilds who were banned aren't considered the best players, by their very own actions. 5.0 will probably bring a different picture.
    Because Tour de France = WoW and doping = using an exploit in a videogame.

    Let's say the top 20 of the Tour the France is out of the race. Do you really give the number 21 credit for winning because he is so awesome? No, no one would care anymore because the whole race is fucked up because you know that those other 20 guys are better in a fair race.

    I am going to laugh real hard when another guild gets DW WF.

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    Pardon me, but i'm confused, is the only way to get 145 tickets to do your profession quests, then drop professions and pick up the other professions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by halogen View Post
    - found this
    The funny part ended at 0:43.

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    Colum 2, Row 2. The Draenei girl. What happened to her pants?!?! Seriously art is getting ridiculous. You'd easily be able to see her hoo-ha in that getup.If it were real I wouldn't complain, but it goes beyond the pale of what is believable.

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    That's some nice artwork...

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