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    Maw of the Dragonlord + t12 4-set + Eye of Blazing Power

    Hey guys, i'm currently playing holy and I recently got the Maw of the Dragonlord from the LFR, would love the normal tho.. maybe this week, anyway.. I was curious too see how it would do with the t12 4-set bonus and Eye of Blazing Power from FL, so many heal procs right? o_O

    I tested it out on Morchok(its a straight forward aoe heal fight so easy for Holy Priest i figured it'd give me good results and the rest of the healers were all about the same ilvl as me, 381+) and the results were a little bit silly really.. overall I did 25% with 3 million of the total heals of the fight which was double to the person below me, which was a holy paladin at 1.6 million, rest were lower classes being 2 resto druid, a priest and a shaman. the Mace proc did more heals than my glyph of PoH and about 30 procs in the fight and i noticed it can even proc more than once on a cast hitting up to 4 times at once. the eye only proc'd 3 times for 30-40k crits and the 4-set was 4% of my total heals.. adding it all up it was about 10.4% of my total heals all together. Maybe the other healers were just bad but i am loving that mace so far, its pretty glorious and can't wait to get my hands on the higher tier of it.

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    Just this second finished Madness and lost the roll in LFR.
    I thought it was good anyway,but now I know it's awesome!


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