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    Advice needed from you veteran Healing Priest out there

    When I first started playing WoW years ago I started with a Rogue. It was ok during Vanilla, BC, and part of WOTLK. I then rolled a DK and started tanking in WOTLK up until now. During the middle of WOTLK I rolled a priest and got it to 80 then put that toon I ice for a long time. When Cata dropped I continued Tanking and decided to roll out a Mage alt and feral druid alt. During the last 3 weeks of 4.2 I started playing my Priest again for the first time in a year. Shadow was the way I went because I decided I didn't like the stress that healers went through during raids. Then I decided to be brave and started getting gear to be a healer. Hell, I really enjoy it now more than tanking. I now understand the pressure healers go through in 5-mans and raids.

    Take a look at where I sit now and give me some words of wisdom for you much better healers out there. I decided to go Disc as my main spec and found holy is good for certain boss fights in DS. I have done the LFR which we know is more easier than normal mode and I have done normal mode in DS but only made it pass the first boss. Now I have read through alot of information on Priest on this site and others to learn as much as I can. I have also found asking through MMO Champions has helped me in the past with my other toons. So, lay whatever you think on me.


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    At your gear levels, you can get rid of a good chunk of spirit. 3k is overkill for disc, as you should be able to keep your mana up fine with proper use of rapture/cd's at 2500 or so spirit. Reforge what you can to crit/mastery until you get a good enough hang of mana regen mechanics to switch to haste/crit. It might be a good option at the begining to replace that chest with the JP t12 chest for the 2p, as it is very good mana regen without relying on spirit.

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    Your Priest looks good!
    Keep in mind that Int is King for Disc hands down.
    Change out your Zen Dream Emerald gems to Int/+Spirit if you are going for socket bonus. Also, take a look at even going all Int Gems if bonus is just +10.
    Like Luctus said, you can offered to reforge some Spirit, (or change gems) especially with using Tsunami and Core.

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