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    Need assistance choosing a motherboard

    Going to be doing my first build soon and I honestly can't tell one mobo from another. So I'm looking to get some advice on what to get.

    It has to have SLI support as i'm planning for a second card down the line, for the time being just 1 570 tho.
    And my CPU is a i7 2600k. I'd like to keep the price around $200, but i'd go up to ~250 if its worth it for some kind of features : /
    Also have a crapload of fans and hard drives i need to be able to hook up, but i think most mobos will accommodate my needs

    Also as a side question, I'm getting an h100 for my CPU and i wanna do the massive sandwich that is push/pull or whatever, am i going to need to purchase longer screws on the side, or are they included?

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