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    It does.

    Edit: Holy smokes batman a Disc priest using fiery quintessence. Disregard all opinions.
    "While Echo of Light does not stack, the nature of the effect allows each proc to contribute to a 'reservoir' of healing to be granted to the target. Each subsequent proc adds its contribution to the amount still remaining to be granted to the target, and a fresh buff for the new total amount is created, to be granted over a fresh 6 second period. In this way, Echo of Light's design ensures that no bonus healing is wasted. Repeated heals to a target over a sufficiently short period of time will therefore steadily increase the HPS and amount per tick granted by the target's Echo of Light buff."

    Please go away troll.
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    You're using a Rotation for healing...? o.O
    This is silly semantics, right up there with "we don't have a rotation, we have a *priority system* (snooty voice)." No one has a rotation; just look at all the EJ articles that start with this statement. Or rather, everyone has a rotation, in the sense that Use A then use B then use C but only if A. Even healers - although their "rotation" wouldn't be stated in this way, it would be more of a "when a is happening, do b" so "when the raid is stacked up for long periods, HW:Sanc > COH > POM > POH spam" See? Rotation. Or not. Depends on your definition.

    Now, for basic mana management, I would start with your Spirit. Make sure you have Spirit in every slot - but I would avoid gemming for it outright. Match sockets with hybrid spirit gems. Use your Shadowfiend/hoh combo as early as you can without wasting mana so you can have it up again during the fight. In 378 gear you should have around 3k Spirit or so.

    Chakra use is about damage patterns. If you have a fight, or long periods in a fight, where the raid will take heavy spikes of single target damage, or you need to help with a tank, Serenity's your best bet. Sanctuary is what you want to use if you are going to need to use COH and POH more. Usually in 25s you should stay in Sanctuary because that's pretty much always the right answer. In 10s you can experiment a bit more.

    Although I take issue with the "there is no rotation" statements, there are a lot more right answers to the "which buttons do I push" question as Holy than DPS classes, or even other healer classes.

    You should pretty much keep POM on CD. You can watch for stacks, but if you are having throughput issues this is probably not where you want to start working. You will want to use this to proc 2pc t12, and keep a 100% uptime, if you have it.

    COH and POH become effective at 3+targets healed in either Chakra (obviously, though if you are going to be using them alot you should be in Sanctuary). Get an addon, like vuhdo, to help track who is the best target for these spells and who is actually getting healed by them.

    HW:Sanctuary is only good if the raid is stacked, which happens a lot in DS, but you have to realize what this spell is, and what it isn't.

    If you have two or more targets that take a big health hit but aren't really grouped well for POH, use COH, put Renew on them, and single target heal them. If you have mana sitting around, you can use situations like this to build serendipity stacks with FH or, especially good if you take damage yourself, Binding Heal.

    Renew is good for movement, but don't lean hard on it. Keep it on the tanks, and put it out when the damage doesn't fit POH well. As soon as you can hit 3 or more targets with POH though, its time to stop using Renew.

    Right now, the trick to big numbers with Holy is CD usage. Druids need Tranq for burst, Holy needs DH to keep up in raw healing, especially for odd damage patterns. Pick up an on-use trinket (Fiery Quintessence is great) and line up DH with that and with a PT proc. Do the same thing with your Shadowfiend+HoH. Also realize what Holy is, and what Holy isn't. We are not the consistent, strong, throughput healer like a Druid. We are the burst-wait-burst healer. The one advantage to Holy concentration is that we don't have to spend mana to make it good, so it makes sense as Holy to sit and stop casting, or only cast minimal spells, and wait for the big burst of damage. That's when you unload with POH+COH, that's when you start using DH. but while the damage is light, try to conserve mana so you have it ready for those big hits.

    Lightwell is a very nice cooldown for stacking fights. Where it makes the biggest difference is in the mana savings, so teaching your raid to use Lightwell (basically, you want them to click, and you want them to click when YOU ask them to) is a great mana investment. Remember it breaks on big damage, so call for clicks AFTER the big hit. Make sure they use them all up, and you need to take it easy to let LW do its work.
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