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    Boub, you're becoming slow at reporting world firsts! Even Manaflask was faster. Celestial Alignment and Incarnation look kinda sweet.

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    Where the F is "Nerves of Cold Steel" For DKs? Well duel wield Frost.... =/

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    Since I noticed people complaining about missing talents:
    Keep in mind this is still a very early preview of the Mists of Pandaria talent system, which will likely continue to evolve during development of the expansion. We also don’t plan on making further updates to the calculator until we get much closer to our testing phase, but rest assured we’ll still be considering your feedback throughout the development process.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LordKain View Post
    Since I noticed people complaining about missing talents:

    If they add anymore to mages they might aswell let them raid 25mans by themselves and pvp RBGs 1v15............

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lierial View Post
    muhahaha Sacred Shield - Now absorbs 161 damage, down from 1703 so its even more useless then ..... i doubt we will find any mob lvl 85+ that will hit for so less .....
    Wait, you thought it was gonna stay like that? You get it at level 45, obviously it's not gonna use the base value for max level...
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    Here's something we missed:

    Colossus Smash: Smashes a target for 150% weapon damage plus 306 and weakens their defenses, allowing your attacks to entirely bypass 100% of their armor for 6 sec, and increasing their physical damage taken by 4% for 30 sec.

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    That new War Banner ability for warriors gives me tingles. Love it. And Shield Barrier too. Good stuff.

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    I want bloodlust for warriors again T_T ... best skill for needed rage for warriors ... especially fury u_u
    old BC and WoTLk styleS were the best

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    You missed a fire mage change - Inferno Blast. Fire only and level 54. Its basically the current talent Impact.

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    Flamestrike now snares the target - also fireball is now a 1.5 second cast

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    Invisibility CD increased

    You left out

    Mage Arcane, Invisibility CD 5 minutes, up from 3.

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    Looks like disc priest is turning into a completely different class now

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    technically Exodus had the first Ultrax kill. You can contact them for your confirmation if needed.

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    Yeah, I guess there is something I am missing, but these new talent trees will absolutely kill the game for me. The DK talent trees are the worse. How am I supposed to choose between Bone Shield or Lichborne and then choose between Death Pact or Vampiric Blood? As a tank, I need all of those talents.It's like they want to take away a fun element of the game, so that everyone can just pick up and play it. I am mostly a casual player, and I hate this change.

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    an important question to be asked, in MOP is there going to be leg enchantments that provide minor speed? 8% if so then 10% increase at all time is shit since its actually 2% cuz everybody is getting minor speed enchantment , the only benefit is like 25mastery. i think we need to give that a look

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    I like the new talent system...

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