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    What if the worlds of Diablo, World of Warcraft, and Starcraft actually exist, and we just have aliens who make games like this because they are homesick

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drihan View Post
    Doubtfully visible over such a short timespan, but if a sufficiently large/small object were to get close enough, the object's path would change. Even if it's a cloaked ship, and even if it's that big, we will be unable to see it again since it probably has moved away.

    The most likely reason I can come up with is that, it's nothing more than a gas bubble or space debris from a shuttle or a failed attempt at a space station, like the ISS. Mercury's magnetic field, however strange it may be, cannot possibly extend in a somewhat rectangle shape in one way and be as thick as the diameter of the planet. It also seemed to me to have a tube shaped area right on the upper part of the anomaly.

    It's a very interesting find though, and it would be a lot of fun to figure out what it really is.


    For those who believe it might be a space ship, I encourage you to go to youtube and look up "Michio Kaku 3 types of civilization". It might give you some answers as to why you haven't been analy probed yet.
    Everything he says makes so much sense :O

    If i was an alien, i wouldn't want people that can't even achive type 1 in my culture.

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    The Borg and Reapers are watching us, trying to see if we are worthy genetic material.
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    Considering anything that is remotely able to be linked to an alien craft is quickly brushed under the rug and is disclaimed within seconds. On the other hand do you really think the government would want you to know there is alien life and not keep it a secret. Not to go all conspiracist , but i wouldn't doubt humans have had alien contact and only the "elite" know about it which would mean a select few in the world.

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    It's clearly a Mass Effect Orbital Relay. Come on people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by endersown View Post
    I just liked the way the narrator said, "Obviously it's cloaked."
    I quite liked that as well, along with "that is definitely some sort of manufactured object".

    It's clearly a Mass Effect Orbital Relay. Come on people.
    One can hope
    Your grasp of the obvious is inspiring.

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    "I used to think this was an alien spacecraft... But then I took an arrow to the knee... =\"

    Geez youtube, you so funny.

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    [QUOTE=Maharishi;14551208]While I see absolutely no reason to assume it's a ship, mercury has a pretty weak magnetosphere. I don't think it extends to the point where that flare is on the video.

    That being said, I may add a link to this video for xyz

    Because it's fun to assume! :-) btw, good and appropriate info on confirmation bias. Never knew the term before this link.

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    It's obviously an invisible space monster that feeds on entire planets. This is actually what is going to destroy our planet at the end of 2012, because that is when the invisible space monster will arrive at Earth.

    Assuming anything else would be pure speculation at this point.

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    UFO or wake of Mercury?

    Check this article and video out!

    This freaked me out when I read the 1st portion untill I found out that it was just a wake from where mercury was the day before the image shows. Even though, NASA confirmed its just a wake and though it does explain the weird object in the image shown by the CME, you still have to wonder if it just a cover up by the government. lol =P

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    Merged with the old thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burritaco View Post
    What if the worlds of Diablo, World of Warcraft, and Starcraft actually exist, and we just have aliens who make games like this because they are homesick
    Holy crap my mind has just been BLOWN. Clearly Aliens.

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    I suppose we can call it a UFO, in that it is unidentified. This is hardly alien evidence, but it does seem worth looking into.

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    Alien bus, some alien kids went to study the sun and went back to Sirius but sadly the cloak messed up a little.

    Well.. i havent taken a good look but it looks like some particles have collided and created a flare.
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    One thing I find interesting whenever reading about something like this is how we approach science today. If you think about how our theory of gravity evolved....We saw the effects of gravity. We saw something that could not be easily explained. People like Galileo and Newton used math and science to try to show that an invisible force existed that acted on all objects on earth.
    Today, if we see something we can't explain, we immediately try to explain it with something that we already know. See something strange in the sky or in space, well it has to be one of several things. Could it be something else? Obviously not as we know everything there is to know. So it has to be one of the things we already know and understand even if it isn't exactly the same thing. Did someone using some crazy medical treatment (odd herbs, some kind of meditation, "healing" from someone) actually get better for no real reason? Well they must have been lucky. No reason to look into it. We know everything there is to know about medicine.

    I guess what I am getting at is there seems to be a notion that we know everything. That we have learned everything possible so everything can only be explained by what we know now. If we see something odd, we turn to what we know to be true rather than analyze it. To me, there seems to be some pretty clear parallels between how the Church reacted to Galileo's theories and how modern day science reacts to anything it cannot explain (although instead of charging them with heresy, we simply label them as crazy).

    I have no real opinion on the possibility of life on other planets. Maybe, maybe not. I don't really know. But I think automatically dismissing everything that does not fit in our scientific beliefs, is a little narrow minded.

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    God damned my grandmother shot her husband in the air again....
    I really can't make anything out of the video tbh I just see the name Mercury passing by
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    The surface of Mercury is covered with space trash, remains of comets and asteroids from billions of years of constant bombardment, we can assume the heat from the sun has just like a forge turned the surface into a hard reflective crust, and what we see is simply the heat reflecting from this crust just like heat reflects from your table after you turn on you light stand lamp.

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    Man. If their ship is the size of a planet, I'd love to see how big the "people" are.

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