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    Christmas wishes...

    Last week my parents asked me what i wanted for christmas after i told them i didnt want a laptop which is what they offered. I told them a pet rabbit and they kinda raged and didnt really say yes or no, my mom said go buy it urself i dont want to know about it. So i left it at that and didnt say anything else about the topic. From that day on i've been doing extra things around the house like chores and offering to help them do what they're doing, i was hoping that would help change their mind? thoughts?

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    Thoughts on what? The fact that your parents offered you a laptop for christmas and you asked for a pet rabbit?

    Since they 'kinda raged', they already purchased the laptop. I'm not sure why you would want a pet rabbit over a new laptop, but w/e.

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    Come to a compromise.

    Get a laptop powered by baby rabbits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larynx View Post
    Come to a compromise.

    Get a laptop powered by baby rabbits.
    And then teach them how to row in order to generate power for it.

    Geico commercials FTW!

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    Hmm, would rabbits in fact be an upgrade from hamsters is my question.

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    they havent bought the laptop yet, they told me they were getting it AFTER christmas so they could claim the gst.. .lol... so far i see NO presents under the tree

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    laptop is much more usefull and worth 500-1000$ and a rabbit is 5 bucks, and best as dinner... i know what i would have chosen.

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    i already have a laptop thats why i dont want one...

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    Why are they so against a pet rabbit? Wish my lady wanted a pet rabbit but unfortunatly I wont get away with a €5 present

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    yeah i dunno lol =.= well all i can do is hope. If they dont buy a rabbit then well.. no christmas presents for me :S

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    Sell the laptop and buy a rabbit and then the money that is over you can buy food and a nice cage for the rabbit.

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