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    2 quick questions about Spriest

    sup guys, back on wow after a while..
    2 quick questions:

    1. Mind flay Clipping.. How does it work now? still have to wait until de channeling is done before doing next one?

    2. SWeath, when to use?

    also, when I am MFing if I repress on my MF keybind my MF refresh even if i dont release the key.. I never experienced this before, new option somewhere?? might be an addon i have idk..

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    1. Refresh MF before the end of the channel and break it the millisecond something else comes off CD (get Gnosis cast bars to see the ticks)

    2. Still use in <25%

    Theres an option now to cast a spell when the button is pressed or when released....you chose which version.

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    It used to be an addon to do that, called Snowfall Keypress. It was pretty awesome, things happening when you push a button is always more responsive. Now, like most "good" addons, the core functionality of it has been folded in baseline.

    But you darn kids and your darn addons, some of us used the basicUI. And LIKED IT.

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    Cast mindflay whenever you want, it does not clip anymore. casting it to fast costs more mana though.

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