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    [H] Echoes @ Laughing Skull - World top 75 T12 - Recruiting for DS Progress!

    Current Recruitment Status

    Echoes is a Horde guild on Laughing Skull EU, currently recruiting the following classes;

    1 x Resto Shaman
    1 x Disc Priest
    1 x Warlock

    Other healing classes are nevertheless considered for the healing spots. As usual, if your class isn't listed and you think you have what it takes to beat our current raiders at what they do best, please check out the rest of this post. If you still think we're a good fit for what you're looking for then feel feel free to make an application and it will always be considered seriously.

    We are primarily a raiding guild, however the benefits of joining Echoes are not simply raiding. We have a vibrant array of social players to add to our raider base and there are always things going on with a large PvP playerbase aswell as altoholics, achievement farmers and gold farmers. Alt raids are commonplace at all gear levels in Echoes with anywhere from Firelands normal through heroic to Dragon Soul - theres always something to do. Our raid times are also the shortest of all guilds that we compete with so you can be assured that the players you will be raiding with are equally but most likely more skilled than other guilds at our rank level.

    Raid times and attendence

    Our raiding days and times are:

    Monday; 19:30 - 23:00
    Tuesday; 19:30 - 23:00
    Wednesday; 19:00 - 23:00
    Thursday; 19:30 - 23:00
    Sunday; 19:30 - 23:00
    * Invites always begin 15 minutes before raid start time *

    Raider applicants are expected to be able to make EVERY day on a regular basis. 99% attendance is required, and a very regular raid spot is commonplace. Naturally, setups are tweaked for individual bosses, so you should also expect to see some bench time, although this is the case throughout our raiding team and the basis of a very successful system. This is the backbone of our relatively small raiding team, Fair rotation of spots for raiding members, and a high standing in Cataclysm on Laughing Skull and the world.

    About us

    Echoes was formed in Vanilla and have successfully raided since then without downtimes. We have since added to our members and maintain around 30-35 active trials, raiders and officers with a further base casual/friend members. We are always looking to expand our community to make the game even more enjoyable for those under our name.

    Although we do take 25man raids seriously, we have a very active social side, with alt runs, 10man groups and a very active vent that's always got half a dozen people on. Outside of our normal raids we have completed: Every achievement in Wotlk with the majority also securing a Realm first HLK. Rank 82 T11 Clear, Rank 23 Glory T11 Clear, World 12th 'I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome I am' and we finished Firelands heroic with a World rank of 75.

    Echoes is mostly comprised of European players from all over the continent stretching from Spain to Russia, and as such the guild is a fairly multicultural society so you'd fit in perfectly.
    For those interested in alt runs, we have been sending in a fully alt/social 25 man team every week since we downed Ragnaros heroic, clearing 6/7 heroic on a weekly basis, thus meaning most of our members have alts in +380-385 average. Some members have even taken it a bit further and sent in 10 mans, also clearing 6/7 - basicly, there is something for everyone.

    Current Progress

    T11 13/13hc
    T12 7/7hc
    T13 8/8no
    T13 4/8hc (Morchok, Zon'ozz, Yorsahj, Hagara).
    Progressing on: Ultraxion (6M wipe).

    About you & how to apply

    Go to and follow the instructions there, The application process is usually takes a week to complete, though you can expect feedback throughout.

    > You must have good knowledge of the character on which you are applying, You should be geared and spec'd for your specific role within raiding, and have a good history in whichever field interests you the most. We are not a 'fresh leaf' for you to suddenely try your hand at raiding.
    > We are not placeholders for inactive players. You must be active in raids to keep your spot.
    > Lastly, you should be sociable. If you're going to be in the guild for some time actively raiding, it will help both the guild and yourself if you're active in guild chat, ventrilo, etc. Needless to say, activities such as trolling / flaming outside IF, antisocial comments in /trade, /general or /guild are grounds for action
    For further information please contact one of our officer / veterans team in-game:


    We currently use a voice communications server called Ventrillo, please make sure you can use this software prior to applying.

    For our current roster check the armory; Rank 4+ are our current raiders.
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    Still recruiting Always Recruiting Exceptional Players! 8/8hc

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    Bump bump bump Always Recruiting Exceptional Players! 8/8hc

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    Note that Hagara is down. Still searching high and low for a healing priest (being able to play both specs is a plus).
    Progressing on blackhorn, 1 hour or so seems to have us getting the upper hand of the first phase - we'll be taking down Yorshaj tomorrow with the balancing nerf hopefully, and then proceed to beat our head against ultrax/blackhorn!

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    Stil recruiting Always Recruiting Exceptional Players! 8/8hc

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    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Always Recruiting Exceptional Players! 8/8hc

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    WTB reliable heal0r priest or priestess!

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    GL with recruitment for old rivals!
    Serbian <MYST> , Draenor EU

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    bumpbumpbump Always Recruiting Exceptional Players! 8/8hc

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    Looking for Legendary Warlock + Healers Always Recruiting Exceptional Players! 8/8hc

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    Draco, we're no longer 3/8 hc Heroic 25 man raiding | Thargix dk PoV.

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    Bump for great justice!

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    bumpbumpbump Always Recruiting Exceptional Players! 8/8hc

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    bumpbumpbump Always Recruiting Exceptional Players! 8/8hc

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    bumpbumpbump Always Recruiting Exceptional Players! 8/8hc

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    bumpbumpbump Always Recruiting Exceptional Players! 8/8hc

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