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    It seems like there is a school shooting or some nut job shooting up their work place seemingly every week in the US. Good Lord.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twiddly View Post
    I was not making jokes, it was a serious post..I surely hope they would have thought it through a bit more, but they did not. Why do postings for a job in the middle of a school shooting?
    It's highly likely that it's an automated posting system.
    Now, THIS thing? THIS thing is horrible. It's just awful. It was awful at 60 and it was awful at 58. It's awful at 45. If this dropped off a mob in Wailing Caverns when you were level 17 and being run through by a higher level character, you would equip it ONLY because you don't have trinkets at that level, and it would STILL SUCK.
    -Wowhead user on the Lion Horn of Stormwind, an epic from the era of so-called "EPIC" epics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brettshock View Post
    Again? Seriously, what's going on over there? Obviously something wrong is happening.
    1st incident was a shooting. I think there was 2nd either a person seen or suspected of having a gun or something else. 3rd is another shooting.

    I would look it up if I could but my internet is slow because I'm downloading starcraft 2.

    Makes me think that something wrong is going on there. Maybe too much bullying or student pressure.

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    I think you should pay attention to the news more before you make stupid statements. Shootings, yes, even at colleges, are sadly not uncommon. It just seems that since we suffered the deadliest attack in history, everyone decides to crack jokes and make generalized statements about how we are obviously un-educated hoodlums. If you can't have respect, keep your mouth shut

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    oh dear... hopefully its not Breivik scale psychosis

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