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    also how well does your teacher know you, one i had got to know his students quite well, to see your writing style and such, a lot of the time its quite easy to tell when someone has wrote something them selves or just got it off the internet.
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    My German teacher used to check Google Translate a lot, does that count?

    (No really, we saw her use it all the time. We even had German students come into class, and we showed them the work she gave us. The students went through with a highlighter and marked everything that she spelled or used wrong.)

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    What I do, if I use wikipedia, is I cite the sources at the bottom of the page, after verifying those sources.
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    Did I mention this is going through that wonderful tool called Turnitin? Anyone know how THAT works? is a website where your teacher will submit your paper and they will perform a search over the web and return how much of your paper is copied from sources they have a database of books as well and changing a word here or there will not work it will pick up on that. what percentage you get back is of course determined by how many words are in your paper. it depends on what percentage your teacher will allow your paper to have before she decided to enforce whatever grading she wants. depending on your school level it could be points off your paper detention for pauperism or being put on academic suspension or termination from that school. alot of collages dont give a crap if you get suspended or terminated your there on your own money in time.

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