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    Your SWTOR download?

    How fast (avg kb/s or mb/s) and how long.

    I averaged 365 kb/s took about 15 to 16 hours.

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    I downloaded it as soon as it was available. I was getting 3 MB/s, took a little over 2 hours to download and unpack the asset files. It wasn't during peak hours though.

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    Finished in just over an hour. Love TWC's new wideband highspeed net. That was during peak hours.

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    3.5Mbps average. /flex Didn't take me long at all.

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    Didn't time it. I was downloading pretty steadily at 9Mbps though. I just download any game at work and put it on ye olde' external hard drive to take home and install there. Or in Star Wars' case I just copy the game folder.

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    was getting just over 4mb/s wasn't really timing it but I think it took around an hour.

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    I downloaded it while I slept and didn't check, but probably between 3-5mBps as is typical.

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    took me 6 or 7 hours i think 800kb/s or so
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    i'm glad i don't have to download it again... it took me two days to get the client for the last two beta weekends...

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    I can't even get mine downloading, apparently my password is incorrect and I cant log onto the website or even change my password
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    Ugh...I haven't broken 170kbps...horay for AT&T DSL service.

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    Seems it used my beta client, as it took roughly 5 secs to complete it. Would you say it's better to uninstall it and download from scratch, or do they have it intentionally made so we don't have to download it twice?

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    I don't know about 1.3 mb so 3-4 hours I guess? not too bad.

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    Turned it on and went to bed, woke up and it was done *shrugs* Me no no.

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    My download rate varied a lot. I typically stayed over 1 Mbps, sometimes hovering around 1.5 Mbps. Sometimes dropped as low as 300 Kbps.

    Finished yesterday.

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    No SWTOR download for me, already done so during the stress test and I have the retail asset file.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HBpapa View Post
    Ugh...I haven't broken 170kbps...horay for AT&T DSL service.
    I cant make it past 190 kbps with verizon dsl :/ took me about 2 days for the stress test beta
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    Quote Originally Posted by djdidi View Post
    How fast (avg kb/s or mb/s) and how long.

    I averaged 365 kb/s took about 15 to 16 hours.
    3.8 Mb/s here (its my connection limit)

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    For the first 1-2 GB of data, I was consistently getting 80-90 kb/s, but then it skyrocketed to 2.5Mb/s for the remainder of the download. I assume peak hours had passed or something happened in between there.

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    Haven't started downloadig yet, can't redeem code until site comes up from maintenence, but with my amazing British internet it'll probably be 200kb/s max.
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