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    Disci. Maybe haste or crit ?

    i'm play disci priest for raiding in 10 man ... is maybe reforge haste or crit?

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    I personally prefer crit, as you get the passive shielding affect and the fact that i dont notice much difference in haste values, however most guides recommend haste

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scarnage View Post
    i'm play disci priest for raiding in 10 man ... is maybe reforge haste or crit?
    I too play disc in a 10man group, usually with a holy paladin and resto shammy. I've been forging everything to haste and enjoy it. I usually tank heal but enjoy being flexible with PoH raid support. While crit may give an edge in tank healing, my haste lust hasn't hurt tank healing for me personally. I think for 10m, it really comes down to what your play style is.
    For me haste seems to help me flow faster from single target tank to raid with speedy PoH .
    Raid buffs I roll around 28% haste, 22% crit, and 15.28 master (38%).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scarnage View Post
    i'm play disci priest for raiding in 10 man ... is maybe reforge haste or crit?
    It depends on what you are running with at the moment, for the most part though Disc does well with an even balance of stats to start off with then as you play with the spec and get used to your group some stats gain higher priority then others based around how you feel it would affect your healing.

    I used to be high Crit, Mastery focused tank healer / raid assist mainly two healing most firelands normal and heroics but since dragon soul dropped I have found haste to be more valuable due to the shear amount of aoe damage abilities most fights have.

    I am currently running with 15% Haste ( 20% buffed ), 20% Crit ( 25% to 28% buffed ), 18% Mastery ( 45% absorb ), I also run with extremely low priority on spirit 943 to be exact which is a good 1k lower then most Disc priests so on the good side low spirit is viable if you know your class the fights and your group but with that said I wouldn't recommend going as low as myself as mana does become a burden on longer fights and it can get stressful if it's not managed properly.
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    haste > crit more casts more divine aegis!

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    For progression, I have stuck with the true Int > Spi > Mastery > Haste > Crit. The massive amount of spirit + Rapture allows me to spam PoH even when no one is taking damge, to stack 60k shields on the 2 groups. Seems to work well for alot of the burst AOE fights. However, we are 3 healing on most fights, so they do take a smudge longer. Next week we are gonna roll with only 2 healers on most fights, so I will be able reforge out of some spirit, and that is going to go into haste.

    Not that LFR counts, but sticking with mastery has aloud me to top charts (by several million) on all fights in there, just by spam casting PoH and PW:S. (Not trying to brag, because most healers in LFR suck.)

    I think of it like this, "The less healers you have, the more haste you need and can use."

    NOTE: I also stuck with Spirit because I swap to Holy sometimes.
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    Put me down as a disc priest that stacks Mastery through the teeth. 2nd emphasis on haste and spirit, however I reforge out of spirit at 2200 spirit.

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    It would be helpful for the readers and OP if you also include what spec and raid role you are playing.

    We have had the Secondary Disc Stat Debate repeatedly...

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    For a raid healing role, I would prefer haste > mastery.
    Tank healing I would use Crit = Mastery > Haste

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    What is the crit and haste cap for Disc Healers?
    Currently I'm tank healing.

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    Oh, nevermind, Apparently a break point for haste disc healers is 7.5%, and 23.26% for crit is good

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reddarkrain View Post
    What is the crit and haste cap for Disc Healers?
    There aren't any.
    Oh, nevermind, Apparently a break point for haste disc healers is 7.5%, and 23.26% for crit is good
    And where did you get these numbers from?
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    I'm trying a higher spirit build atm for progression. I've found myself running low on mana on fights like ultraxion and deathwing because i'm playing very aggresively, sniping pretty much any heal i can.
    Our healing setup consists of me (disc), druid and a shaman. Roles depends a lot on the fights but i'm generally mostly raidhealing in Dragonsoul tbh.

    Currently sitting at roughly
    2700 spirit - (with tsunami, will change that for Heart of Unliving and drop spirit from gear)
    1600 haste - (just above 12.50%, felt like a good stopping point)
    1100 crit
    1100 mastery

    That's about 800 more spirit than I used in FL.

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    Ok, im a little confused about the haste / crit breakpoints. What is the 23.36 for? I have never seen that number before, or any other hard goal for crit honestly.

    As for haste, I feel a little wierd about stacking it. Mainly because I don't know for certain (with reforge testing) the points at which i lose another .1 sec from my cast time. Plus, it seems like a lot of reforging just to get from 2.2 secs to 2.0 secs.
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    In regards to that Crit break point I think its just about right based on my own testing ( no idea where he got the numbers ) but yea I have tested up to 28% crit unbuffed and even though it did give an average of higher Crit rating over the course of a fight it required dropping haste and mastery to much lower ratings and for me even though I was Criting at around 50% ( 28 + 10 WS, 5 + 3 buff ) I felt weaker.

    When I had 46% Crit rating my single target spells in the logs when I tested it where on average 50%, sometimes 45% sometimes 60% but nearly always higher then the actual amount of Crit rating that I had. Where as now I only have 20% unbuffed and 35% buffed + WS and my crit tends to be around to 30% mark on average to as low as 25% and as high as 41% more on the lower side though. ( based off full logs over multiple fights )

    I decided for my self that my own break point was between 20% to 25% min / max unbuffed for the best crit rating without losing other ratings by too much I do require at least the 5% Crit rating buffed though.

    As for haste a good majority of Disc priests aim for around 12% for the 2.2 cast time, at the moment I am testing higher haste 15% unbuffed 20% in raids but even then my cast time only drops to 2.01 ish. The issue with haste is beyond 12% you require slightly more haste to drop cast time for each 0.1 second, so from 6% haste to 12% you gain around 0.1 second but from 12% to 20% you only gain around 0.08 and the rating gets worse the higher you go.

    My math on the above haste numbers is by no means accurate it just seams to work that way via testing.

    So I would guess his numbers are based from 7.5% + 5% buff = 12.5% haste / 23% Crit + 5% buff & WS = 38%, you can get 3% more on each via a Lock and mage but its more often the case that a group has the 5% buff classes well at least in 10 mans.

    Again though my numbers are from my own tests and they are real world in raid tests no spreadsheets so your own tests may not give the same results.
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    Haste or Crit, depending on ur role within the raids.

    I prefer Crit Mastery, running lowish (so much haste gear everywhere) on haste as disc.
    Thats because i tank heal, our Pally now focusing more on raid healing when we 2 heal and damn they good at it. If i 2 heal with Druid i tank heal as well. If we 3 heal i tank heal as well with both a HPally and RDruid on the raid, last raid we had our less geared offspec pally healer on the tank and i went raid healing and still didnt really need alot of haste (did switch out a few crit to haste pieces) i sat around 9% haste than.

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